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8 JUNE : We will be cycling around Paris in our bikes. Look chic, mon cherie! We will be visiting the famous monuments of Paris, Le tour Eiffel!
"The Eiffel tower!" I squealed with joy as Melli and I got onto our bikes. "Can you believe I've still never seen it?"

Melli giggled. "This is your chance, Ella."

Katie and Aria got onto their bikes behind us and I could see Michele, Nadia and a few others ahead of us. I think we were all following Michele, because I still don't know Paris as well as Mich does.

"By the way..." Aria bicycled beside me, "How on earth are you biking with that skirt on?"

I couldn't control my laughter. "I don't know.."

"And those heels!" Katie pointed out.

Okay, so I'm not the biking type. "I'm not a really adventurous person... I.... don't usually wear sneakers or pants..." The words were ridiculous, I knew but they were the truth.

"Let's hope you don't run into a pole or a tree otherwise, we'll have to stop and buy you some new clothes, El." Melli said, winking. 

"Don't forget she'll need a cast and a brace." Nicya said, biking up to us out of the blue. 

As we biked (I didn't run into anything! Talented or what?) we talked about everything, mostly about Nicya and Simon and Aria and her Mystery Guy. It was fun...and then, when we got to the Eiffel Tower... it was heavenly.

If only I had someone... /special/ to share the moment with.
10 JUNE : Fashion. One of the many forms of a expression and art. An open class is being held in a studio on Le Pavelle De rue street and local designer Luca Orlandi will meshio giving us a speech about style and fashion. This studio will be stocked with top-notch sewing machine, sketch pads, and materials. And will help Luca brainstorm for his new collection.

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