Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz was once perpetually depressed. Her only passion was working in her darkroom, which she will tell you was a hell of a lot brighter than her everyday life. Her stepmother was terrible and her father was too busy with work to realize that Lydia was upset. Neither of them took anything she said or did seriously, assuming they were all just teenage dramatics. Lydia's life turned around once she met the Maitlands, her adopted ghost parents. Lydia always knew she was a sensitive but didn't have a chance to prove it until she and her real parents moved into the abandoned house at the edge of Mockingbird Heights. After her parents moved away and left her in the capable, incorporeal hands of the maitlands, Lydia has flourished at Mockingbird Heights High School, where she is deeply involved with photography and creative writing. She has recently been accepted into the Addams/Munster/Hyde girl gang of MHH and couldn't be happier. The only trouble in her life stems from this weird ghost she met while leading a seance. He wants to marry her, but she's not so sure she's in to him. Plus, she's 16.

Pugslie Addams:
Wednesday Addams:
Edie Munster:
Marilyn Munster:
Elvira Talbot:

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Wrote 4 years ago
absolutly perfect! :3


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