lydia stanley - aesthetic

- lydia - agnes - stanley -
aesthetic for the battle for london in the air
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mods: @decoder13 & @trulydear
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Wrote 5 months ago
aesthetic: the sound of a page turning in a book, small hands, fresh ink on a handwritten letter, the soft tick of a watch, stray curls of dark hair, the unrelenting desire to fly away, swirling swatches of pale fabric, bare feet on cool wood floor, the click of a key in a lock

Wrote 6 months ago
Thank you so much!! And I totally get it, haha! I'd like that, I think they'd get along well:) @decoder13

Wrote 6 months ago
Beautiful, beautiful collection! And yes, it does meet all of the requirements. I based the requirements for OC collections largely on the types of collections several group members already made :) I wanted to give people credit for their work and encourage others to create collections, too. I may loosen collection requirements tomorrow to make all of the existing collections apply for this.
ALSO, I swear I had not viewed this in a long time when I finished up Young Cordelia/Faye's collection. Yet I noticed that we used a lot of similar items. There were even times we clipped the exact same item independently of each other and from completely different sources haha.
Maybe Cordelia and Lydia could talk a bit in upcoming rounds? It looks like Lydia isn't all that different from how Cordelia was at her age. And heaven knows both of them have plenty of stories to swap regarding annoying society boys who just happen to be mad scientists ;)
Anyways, again, gorgeous work. +30 points!


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