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name: Delilah 'Lyla' Audrey Collins
age: 21
hometown: new york
college: boston university
major: journalism
neighborhood: allston

likes: donuts, iced coffee, traveling, reading books to kill time, watching movies, kids, singing when nobody's around, finding bargains at flea markets, writing, the scent of green tea, long conversations on the phone with her sister, wild night out with the girls, saying what's on her mind, cuddling with her cat on the couch, spicy Asian food
dislikes: smoking or smokers in general, being late, drunk men, rainy days, being idle, losing her phone, hangovers, starving, her childhood

music: oasis, radiohead, the rolling stones, coldplay, arctic monkeys, alicia keys, garbage, adele, and pretty much a few artistes/bands she discovered during her travels in other countries
food: donuts, tom yum, chicken curry, baked rice, and whatever her mom cooks. isn't fussy about food when she's hungry.
style: loud and bold, with mix of prints and colors. loves vintage finds from flea markets along with hand-me-downs designers from her mom and sister.

family: her biological parents are unknown, but was adopted by charlie collins, a famous broadway playwright who is also a single mother. charlie's other daughter, elena, was also adopted and is very close to Lyla. the collins are pretty well known in new york city because of charlie's active involvement in children's rights. and also because the mother-daughter trio look absolutely gorgeous.

model: karlie kloss


her family

charlotte 'charlie' collins (charlize theron), 50: while charlie comes from an influential background, she never used her last name for her own gain. becoming a Broadway playwright was the best thing to ever happen but what really satisfied her the most is when she's out creating awareness for children's rights. adopting elena and charlie were a natural process for someone who doesn't believe in marriage or settling down with a man for the rest of her life. she likes to stay grounded, and traveling to third-world countries with her daughters is her way of sharing her knowledge with them.

elena willa collins (dree hemingway), 26: just like lyla, elena was from an orphanage before charlie brought her in. she's always fascinated by pretty things so it wasn't surprising she ended up as a jewelry designer. the job opens up doors to VIP parties, A-list connections and the glamorous lifestyle that charlie wouldn't really approve of. she's even dating a rockstar, but this self-confessed rebel knows when to draw the line, and that's why lyla always looks up to her as a role model.

miss meowy (abyssinian cat): almost a reflection of lyla, miss meowy is a playful pet that can be quite sarcastic at times. she likes to snuggle during bed time but will throw a temper when her needs (think: food) are not met on time. she was a birthday gift for lyla from her grandmother.

her home

home is where the collins sleep and that depends on which part of the globe they're at during that point of time. the girls have traveled to all nooks and crannies of the world thanks to charlie's charity works, but a penthouse on the upper east side in new york is where they would always return to after months of traveling. though they'd be packing their bags again after a few weeks.

but now that lyla's in college, she's found the perfect new home in allston, just few minutes away from boston university, which she shares with a fellow roommate.

her roommate

angeline 'angie' connor (emma watson), 20: angie hates being labeled as a country girl simply because she's from Texas. but growing up with six other siblings, she was more than happy to leave home for college, where she majors in fine arts. sarcasm is her weapon of choice, and though she's not a huge fan of cats, angie and lyla gets along well as roommates.

her friend

jeremy yoon (T.O.P), 21: jeremy is an oddball and lyla's classmate at boston university. he doesn't talk much about his family or where he came from (rumor has it he's from Mars) but it's easy to find comfort while listening to his out-of-this-world theories about everything. he also likes watching Japanese anime and reading mangas in his spare time.

her boyfriend

nathan 'nate' o'brien (eddie redmayne), 22: nate's parents, just like charlie, loves to explore the world. and that's how he ended up meeting lyla during a volunteer mission with is mom in Cambodia. it was love at first sight and the two are still very much in love, though long-distance romance can be quite iffy. nate's currently at harvard majoring in science, so the two can now spend more time together. or at least they hope to.


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