Lynnette Paloma Bakewell

Name: Lynette Paloma Bakewell
Pronunciation: Li-nne-tt-silent e Pa-lou-ma Bae-kk-we-ll
Nicknames: Lyn, Lynny,
- - - x - - -
Age: 16
Birthday: June 12
Birthplace: Sweden
Nationality: Swiss
- - - x - - -
Appearance: Flaming red hair with highlights of bright orange, dark brown twinkling eyes. Lynnette has pale skin that is common for Swedish people and plump lips that are usually smiling. Her hair is quite long and she likes to do a lot of things with it. Lynnette has an amazing style and a lot of people admire her for it.
Assets: good style, creative brain
Flaws: daydreaming so doesn't know what is going on, quiet, shy
- - - x - - -
Personality: Lynnette has a shy outside but once you get to know her she can be bubbly, fun, and energetic. Always up for anything. Unless she's daydreaming. If you ever wake her up from day or night dreaming, she is feisty.
Pros: sweet, bubbly, energetic
Cons: daydreams, doesn't like being woken up
- - - x - - -
Likes: mountains, green, trees, snow, style, writing, fantasy
Dislikes: being woken up, mexican food, humid weather
Profession: Writing
Hobbies/Interests:writing, daydreaming, brainstorming, drawing a little, making clothes
Talents: being a designer for fashion, writing fantasy
- - - x - - -
Biography: Lynnette Bakewell was born on June 12 in the green and refreshing weather of Sweden. Lynnette was a creative one from the start. In school, she would be caught doodling in her notebooks and textbooks or daydreaming out the window. Lynnette always excelled at creative writing though. She could write all day long without being tired. Lynnette also had many friends and they always looked up to her as the leader. Guys were mystified about her as all of them grew older. Lynnette has written some fantasy books and have published them successfully. She is only just starting though.
Secret: Having second thoughts about being a writer and might move on to fashion design?
Family: Father: Jacob Bakewell, Mother: Ezra Bakewell, Two younger sisters: Mirabelle and Nancy Bakewell
Pet: St. Bernard: Ernie
Other: has a horse
- - - x - - -
Sample RP:
Lynette Paloma Bakewell
I jump on to my horse bareback and race to the forest before my father calls me to get into the car. I need to visit one last place before I go to the famous Lucifer Academy of Performing Arts. I can imagine myself there already. I stop Sal, my horse, at a little lake in the middle of the forest and walk over to a hidden hole I found. I take out the booklet that's been there for over a year now and dust it away. I'll need this as I hope to become a professional writer.

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