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  • Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Pile Bed - Multiplex
    Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Pile Bed - Multiplex
    The original design comes from 1966. The demountable pile bed is extremely space saving, since several elements can be stacked over another. These beds embody Rolf Heide ’s design credo the best: Simple materials are connected on an impressing logical way and get their typical shape because of a genius idea: By means of rounded lateral wings in this case. The pile bed is suitable for small apartments, single homes or guestrooms, since two pile beds are piled over another saving a lot of space – becoming a twin bed when they are placed besides each other, in only an instant. The environment-friendly plywood, which the bed is made of, is even more resistant than massive wood because of its resistance and it makes this piece of furniture stable and longevity. The edition of multiplex offered in here is robust and resistant. Suiting the timeless design, there also is a wide range of accessories available for the Rolf Heide pile bed, among them are slatted frames, bed drawers, aluminium trays, mattresses or bolsters. The pile bed is also available in a comfort height (stacked 50 cm) and in special sizes (width: 80/120/140 Cm; length: 210/220 Cm).
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