Maat Grayson {ud}

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For Underworld Drift:
Maat Grayson // Lakshmi Menon
{Aged 23}
Hiding under a curtain of raven hair is the silent beauty that is Maat. She was raised in a tribe of elite fighters from a place once known as India, the very tribe that cuts out the tongues of their warriors. So Maat is not able to speak. She claims in her writing and gestures that she uses to communicate that talking weakens you as a fighter. But does she even believe that? Nevertheless, Maat is one of the most talented fighters on the team. She has an arsenal of weapons at her disposal, ranging from hand-to-hand combat to explosives. But Maat's personal favorite is a silver machete with her name inscribed on the blade. She is calm, always meditating, and comes alive in battle.

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