Mabel Bowtiette. {Tiffy's club :3 }

Character's Name; Mabel Abilene Bowtiette
Age; Seventeen.
Nationality; French.
Appearance; Allison Harvard //
Personality; Mabel is very quirky... she's weird and unique, but in a good way... kind of. Though she looks extremely innocent, she's really not. She drinks, smokes and does drugs. She's very friendly and outgoing, and can be very bubbly at times.
Bio; Born and raised in Versailles, France; Mabel has had a privileged life, since her father is in a well-known rock band in France and her mother's fragrance line. Mabel never really got to see her parents a lot, and was raised by her nanny Margaret. She has a bit of daddy issues, since she /never/ got to see her busy father who was always on the road. Her parents sent her to Westminster since she was too much for them, and her Yale-bound cousin use to attend Westminster.
Secret; She was sexually abused by her father's best friend who's in his band.
Invite Clique Choice; Socialites.
Why?; Because I'm fxcking Elle. :*
Non-Invite Clique Choice; No.
Car(s); She drives a polar white Mercedes-Benz E550 Cabriolet.
Phone; She owns an iPhone 5.
Anything Else; Moo.


Wrote two years ago
@alexandriecookies im not. ur not swaggie lyk me!
omg same! :'((((((((((((((((((((( </33333333333
i want them to make up and make out.

Wrote two years ago
@elleboox and im proud,be jelly biach.
and i noe,my heart is in a million pieces right now,liek,srsly my chest is hurting,cuz natam :'( </333333333333

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@alexandriecookies you're ratchet. :**
ohmagahh natam.. </333

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@elleboox ur sooo not fetch.youre tacky and i hate you :*

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Wrote two years ago
fackk yah.
I pretty much copied your name. I was waiting for you to notice. ;DD

Wrote two years ago
she's like mickies distant cousin ;D

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