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This set is for @rainie-minnie
Hi lovely, sorry I missed your b’day over a month ago! It was a busy time for me :s Anyway, I hope you had a great b’day! This is for you, hope you like it and thanks for all your support on here :) hugs xoxo
I got my Vans yesterday! It was quick delivery by Schuh. I was having second thoughts that maybe I should have opted with the classic black Vans but I think I am going to stick with these burgundy ones, because I’m always buying dark coloured items.

I tried to watch Beautiful Creatures about 3 times but I got about 20% into the film and I was just so bored. Maybe I’m not giving it a fair chance, but it only got 45% from Rotten Tomatoes! I don’t plan to read the books. Vampire Academy has got a cast! How exciting! I like how casting has used unknown actors. 

I watched the short trailer of Bling Ring trailer. It’s interesting how it based on true events from the Bling Ring robberies.
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