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Step 1: Go to any Halloween store and buy the mad hatters hat. Nothing is better than the original.

Step 2: Wear a light brown patterned skirt. Underneath it to really help express your mad hatter costume is to wear a puffy pink shirt underneath the brown skirt. ( Mad hatter is full of crazy colors so knock yourself out )

Step 3: The color is optional but i prefer a yellow or light green scarf.

Step 4: Ok so now the top. Wear a velvet short jacket. Underneath it wear a light blue vest. Make sure the bottom of the vest sticks out of the red jacket

Step 5: Boots or flats is optional. Either red flats ( any color really that would match the crazy color pattern ) or boots ( any color ) No heels would look good with this.

Step 6: Accessorize with your costume. Maybe some crazy tea earrings. Wear some brown or pink gloves to finish off your costume. ( bags or clutches are optional but i prefer not to because i feel it wont look good with the costume )
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