Hiiiiiiiii!!! GUYS!
so sorrry for NEVER being on here.
i just hav work everyday, like 5 hour shifts but more normally like 9ish. . . . haha so yea.
and then when i do get the time i have to do things for my stupid life. GOD its SO demanding! :/
like go to that dinner, or you're invited here, or its so-and-so's birthday. Get so and so a card. a gift.
OH SHIT! im outta shampoo. Dammmmmit i needed to shower. God im so hungry. UGH work again? 
haha. so yea..... :/ 
im so sorrrry dudes!
BUT i have a feeling that once school starts up i will hopefully MAYBE?!!! get time to come on here again? 
im sorry.
but sooooo how is everyone? ^^
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