Six Flags was really packed and icky for fright fest.
Hardly rode any rides and just walked around with my friends doing the free stuff. We decided to ride Demon and there are five of us. four girls, one boy. We eenie-minie-moe'd to see who would go alone. Boy lost. So we're in line and the people in front of us were trying to even it out so they could go at the same time. We girls got in front but boy couldn't! We're like 'aww. we dont want you to go completely alone'. and then one of the guys who was trying to even it out was like, "its okay. he can be my date!" we just laughed and we turn to the boy and say, "But wait! What about your girlfriend in the haunted walk?!"[we kid, we kid. You know when you see an undesirable and just say to your friend 'thats your boy/girlfriend? yeah. it was like that. she was covered in fake blood]
And then i say, "She'll live. Wait! She's dead. Crap." We just rofl'd and got on the ride. We're sitting just about to go and ask boy if he is going to be okay. The guy that was his 'date' says, "I don't kiss on the first ride!" Funniest. Thing. Ever. We all laughed and were sure he was okay(:
Then we did this maddening run to the Dark Knight coaster >.> daaammn glow in the dark parade[fright fest edition]. we were jumping everywhere and made it in time.

Hope Polyvore wasn't TOO boring without me(;

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