made to fail: a short story.

A short story told through various photographs.
Let the pictures tell their story.
Short entries added frequently.
Like pieces to a puzzle.
Beginning to end, and some in between.
Overcoming life, seeing past the surface.
This is love.
This is life.

*none of the photos are mine. they only serve to inspire me.
  • i am happy
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    "Entry 1: Today I met a boy. A wonderful, handsome boy with hazel eyes and skin that smells like summer. I'm done for." — @breakdownyourdemons
  • dreaming of fields of cream
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    "Entry 2: This is a love story. A story about a boy and a girl who caught fire one summer. You don't choose who you fall in love with, and sometimes you just have to let things play out the way fate meant them to happen." — @breakdownyourdemons
  • quote | Tumblr
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    "Entry 3: Something about him was addicting to me. Something about the way his hands used to casually brush against my hip bone. Something about his eyes and the way they got darker when he was angry. Everything just felt better when he was around." — @breakdownyourdemons
  • akls;dhfa;sdjkfla;sdjflasjdfl;
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    "Entry 5: I wish I could remember every single time he kissed me. Weeks turned to months, and I know I'm forgetting some. I wish I could watch our time together like a movie. I wish I could cry at the sad parts and laugh at the funny parts, and when it's over, it's just...over. you never think about it again. that's what I wish." — @breakdownyourdemons
  • looking_for_hope_quotes on Xanga
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    "Entry 6: Today was not a good day. He's mad at me again, he's always mad. I can't understand why he has so much anger inside of him, but he does, and it terrifies me. Life isn't simple anymore." — @breakdownyourdemons

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