Madeline Aphrodite Greyson

[ this sexy b!tch's name is Madeline Grace ]
[ she is surprisingly eighteen years old ]
[ born on February 14th at 1:00 AM ]
- - - - - [ ♥ ] - - - - - -
[ ♥ ] Country: Rhea
[ ♥ ] Nationality: Rhean
[ ♥ ] Nickname: Goddess of Love or Maddy
[ ♥ ] Appearance: Miranda Kerr
{ hair } Madeline's ambrosial wavy hair is a luscious chocolate brown color. It falls gracefully down her back creating a beautiful look. her hair is filled with volume and shine. It has never been seen with split ends.
{ eyes } Her exquisite manipulating eyes are blue with a touch of gray. heir ravishing, rich color are what give Madeline a heavenly look. If these eyes are struck upon you, it is almost as if you have been put under a spell.
{ lips } plump, pink, radiant; are all words that describe her lips. Usually covered with a red lipstick or a lip gloss. Very tempting to kiss. Only a lucky guy will be kissed by these luxurious lips.
{other} Perfectly tanned skin, not too fat, not too skinny, perfect size, ski-slope nose,perfectly manicured hands, 5'9" frame, flawless groomed eyebrows.
[ ♥ ] Personality: manipulating, classy, sophisticated, indestructible, quiet, sneaky, curious, graceful, concealed, sexy, seductive, smart, dangerous, curious, generous, devious, underestimated, strong, tricky, devious, unpredictable, lavish, ravishing, unmerciful, deceiving, elite, lovable. wealthy, fit, clever.

Madeline is an over achiever. No one is or will ever be better than her. She might be quiet,but never underestimate her. Don't you dare try messing with her because with a blink of her eye she can make your whole world fall apart. You think she'll show mercy? Well you thought wrong! I'm only going to warn you once; This clever little b!tch is stronger than you think she is.
[ ♥ ] biography: On February 14, valentine's day, Madeline Aphrodite Greyson entered the world. On February 17 she entered the enchanting Greyson family manor. As she grew older she was loved and cared for by each and every one of her family members. Her siblings; Jackson and Alice taught her to be the elegant,admirable woman she is today. Soon she became her parents favorite child. Every princess would die to be put in Madeline's position. Women want to be her, and Men would die to get a kiss from her. Madeline continues to live her life as a tourist, model, fashion designer, actress, and princess.
[ ♥ ] mother :: Emerald Jane Greyson \\\ 43 /// Queen of Rhea
[ ♥ ] father :: Tanner James Greyson \\\ 45 /// King of Rhea
[ ♥ ] brother :: Jackson Matthew Greyson \\\ 27 /// Prince of Rhea
[ ♥ ] sister :: Alice Crystal Greyson \\\ 22 /// Princess of Rhea

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