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(I'm back. Yey. I've read all of your stories, so I know all about A, S, L, and H. But T doesn't know all of that. I kinda want the action,when he finds it all out. But I feel soooo sorry for him in the end, though:( So good to back! Hope this story isn't a dissapointment to all of you;*)

T texting a very long sms to J:

Hey. Now I can tell what happend. I'm at the airport in new york now, and I'm going to the school right away, cause it's school tomorrow. 
I left because I wanted to find out if my father was guilty or not. He had told me that he was in Rome. That was it. I knew I didn't want to tell you, because if he was guilty, he was with the bad guys. My private pilot picked me up. I went off to Rome, trying to find my dad. I checked in on a hotel, and started searching for him. In the dark and wrong streets of Rome. For five days I couldn't find him. The sixth day, I found him in a bar. That was all by coinsidence. I tried to talk to him, ask him if he was guilty. He didn't answer me, and after alot of q's from me, he walked out of the bar. 5 guys followed him. Plus me.

- Dad! Answer me! This is frustraiting!

- Yes, I'm guilty, son.
He talked very slow, and very calm. We was in a dark and empty alley. The 5 guys croweded around me. 

- Wha--

- And I would appreciate, since you're my son, that you didn't tell anyone about our little meeting. Because I wouldn't look so good. 

- What do you mean? You haven't done anything wrong now, have you?

- No, I haven't. But I will,
One of the guys punched me hard in the stomach. The others took that as a que too attack me. I was in the middle of five huge guys. Each one of them punched like crazy at my body. I texted a sms, but one of the guys took my cell and gave it to my father. 

- It's ok. I'll send it. He only wants to tell some "S" that he loves her. 
He sent me an evil smile. I was on the ground. I couldn't talk, cause my mouth was filled with blood. 

- I'm sorry, son. But I couldn't let you follow me forever. It is not good for my buisness. And, the godfather wouldn't aprove of it. Oh, and here's your cell.
He threw the cell to me and walked away with the guys behind him. He left me here on the ground. Bleeding. In Rome. 
So my father was in the mafia. No kidding. I hated that guy. But I really didn't want to get in more troubles with him. I went to Singapore to relax and think. It helped. A little. I've at least found out two more things. One: He is guilty. Two: My dad's an as*hole. And I hate him too much to express. But, please, if any of you care for me, don't tell anyone else. It's not worth it. 

So now I'm on my way home. Tell this to: 
A. I've missed you so much!! I'm so exited by seeing you again! Yor soothing words would have been very helpful this week. 
Flo, I don't know how to thank you enough for inviting me to Venice. I hoped you gave my deepest apologies and thanks to your grandparents. I've really missed you, you know, and not only for these two weeks...
V, my stud. Hope Y has kept you busy, so you haven't just worried about me all the time;)
S, my little angel. I've missed everything about you. I hope you got my message. I thought I was going to die at that moment. I love you, S. I really do. And I hope you feel the same thing for me.

And J...I'll see you when I get home:P

See ya, T

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