Breaking Dawn Part 2 reaction - 

Spoilers will be posted, so turn away now if you haven't seen it!

I think it was done perfectly. I was actually really nervous about it, since in the previews, it just showed the Cullens beating up the Volturi, and I was like whoa, they're going to give this a different ending where the Cullens end up ruling the vampire world or something. So I was so happy that it worked out like the book, and I was extremely pleased with how well they stayed with the book. Which I mean, they left some things out, but that's just the way it works. 

I was happy to see the Volturi more in this one; they're my favorite characters, so naturally, I would. But one thing I didn't like is how the Volturi is portrayed in the Cullens eye in the movie. I mean, in the book it was sorta like this, but not nearly as much. It seems like they aren't scared of the Volturi at all, which is basically a total lie, because I mean, everyone is scared of them for what they do every day mercilessly. But then the Cullens are like "yo, bring it," which I know is supposed to be what makes the situation so different and such, but really. If the law was coming for you for a crime they thought you committed, you would not be so cool. 

The alternate ending absolutely horrified me. It was horrible seeing everyone die like that, and they really had me going. They really had me believing thats how it would end, because like I said, I thought something like that was going to happen anyways from what I'd seen in the previews. But when it showed that it was only a vision, I felt thoroughly mind blown. 

I was sorta upset about how they displayed the other vampires though in the movie. I did like the Denali's, they had their fair share of lime light (which they should've waaay back in the time of movies). But all the others didn't seem to get a time of day. Which I mean, they don't really in the book either, but they didn't even have a montage of them showing up or anything. It was just boom, and everyone was there. So that sorta sucked, but I also really enjoyed Bejamin's character. I thought they portrayed him really well. 

I think that's about it. I could probably say more if I thought harder, but you know. 

I went to see it the night it premiered, and with me I dragged my mom, Don, my boyfriend, and Bailey. And strangely enough, no one really complained. I thought it was just something everyone could sorta like, since it all wasn't about falling in love and all that. It was about fighting for what you stand for and all that. 

yeah those are my inner ramblings for today.
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