Desirae Kaptceptra Chiron-otherwise known as (Desirae Chiron or Kaptceptra the goddess of the unknown-literally, one of the most powerful you should fear but we'll get more into that later)


Looks: all varies(so pay attention) normally wavy brunette hair and brown eyes. Usually her eye colors change between brown and bright blue but due to the fact of her main inheritance. Other times eye color changes to golden amber or bright red/pink. Hair color changes from brunette to blonde, red, or pure white/gold( I know it's confusing you'll understand) wears alot of white. When these events occur it seems she has an aura about her, her skin becomes paler.

Parent(s): all(it's complicated and ill explain more later) mainly inheritance from hades/Aphrodite and retaliates as if she were exactly like poisiden with her control over the sea aswell.

Characteristics: wise(always thinks differently of it though), skillful, broken, sarcastic, keeps to herself, upfront, brutal, more powerful than you would ever know, protective, (and so much more you will learn).

Abilities: can control anything to do with water(poisiden) or the sea, quick thinker and planner, can easily manipulate(thanks to her mother(s), summon, glows(unknown what comes yet) white-lighter(made up but hey it's cool, you'll figure out what it is), can control flames aswell, and so much more.

Past/history: has been in camp half blood ever since she was born. Chiron always looked after her along with rare visits from Persephone, after all it's not like her father cared much anymore for his queen. Even though only a couple months older than annabeth and looked at as the role model, she felt that she and annabeth were close for a reason and soon you'll find out. Does go out in the world while once in a while its for school. (So much more that you'll find out.

Relationships: Percy Jackson, nico and Bianca are genuine siblings along with annabeth and Selena bulagueard(if I spelt that wrong then crap), and Chiron raised her.
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