❖ Sabine Rosalie Villette
age: 18
from: l'isle-adam, france 
status: princess of conti
Daughter to the Prince de Conde, King Louis' younger brother; Sabine is full cousins with Marie and fourth in line to the throne. Sabine is a very striking young lady, both in appearance and personality. One thing you will probably notice right off the bat when meeting Sabine is that you would probably never guess she is a princess. Sabine is dreamy, eccentric, bubbly, and a bit loony. She is often referred to as the odd-ball of the family, but I guess there always is one. However Marie does not seem to mind because the two have been close since infancy. Sabine's parents, who are noted for their pretentious attitudes, have been somewhat concerned though. Even though Sabine never causes drama, or ends up looking bad in tabloids; they just do not feel she acts her rank. They believe she acts too much like a commoner, attending local concerts, cafes, and having friends of low social standing. However sweet little Sabine does not seem to notice other's worry and simply keeps acting quirky. 
model: anja konstantinova 
owner: @monalisamaire?


-five facts
+You can usually find Sabine staking out inside coffee houses sipping a latte or hiding out inside a little grimy dive.
+She sneaks out often to go to alternative rock concerts
+With Marie she is usually the voice of reason and considers her to be her only true friend.
+Although she acts common she can never rid herself of her lady-like tendencies.
+ She has multiple tattoos; the most striking is the one on the inside of her bottom lip that reads ‘meow.’

 - interview with press
1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from? I was raised much like other nobility here, but I was never proactive in being a ‘princess’. I just liked being myself! Most of the time I just wanted to read a book really, except when Marie would drag me off to play with dresses or dolls. I was born in L'isle-Adam -France, of course- which is about forty five minutes outside Paris. I spent most of my waking moments with dear Marie, were just like sisters, I can’t do anything without her. 

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court? We grew up together! We’re childhood friends, always together. I adore the woman, and I’m splendidly excited for the upcoming events! 

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses? I’m not too frilly, I consider that a exceptional strength, and I adore people. Now, weaknesses? Well, Mother and Daddy dislike my sneaking off to coffee shops and concerts, but I see no problem with it. I’m having a wonderful time and I meet the most fantastic people! 

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court? I’m really excited to see how it might have been those centuries ago, I love history and I think it’ll be interesting to see how everyone acts around each other. 

5) What is one thing the world should know about you? Hmm, the entire world? That’s a toughie.hmm, perhaps that I own a multitude of, a giraffe, on the left side of my ribs.
(out of character)
~ why did you choose this character? I was attracted mainly to Sabine’s personality and behavior. I can relate to both of those things. She's so much like me!
~ can you honestly be active? Honestly, yes I can.
~ why should we choose you for this character?
I fell in love with Sabine because of her personality, she’s exactly like me! I’m quirky and sweet. And playing someone like me will keep me interested and allows for an honest portrayal of her character. I write better when I know what I’m writing about and with our personalities so in tune I can work to my best ability. Because I adore writing I work hard to make sure I’m truly happy with what I put out and I edit continuously. I also make a wonderful candidate because I adore history especially the time of Marie’s reign, so I’ll be sure to keep interest and the energy up.

~Top Five
❖ Wilhelmina Adelaide Fischer
❖ Aelwen MacMahon
❖ Odile Belle Brideau
❖ Seraphine Peroché Olivier
❖ Simone Ferrand

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