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Make A Character

Make A Character
Moderated by nysh.
where IMAGINATION, CHARACTERS and FASHION comes together.
* * * Group Goal : Fashion Stylist for Characters * * *
Top Winners - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=214316
* * * RULES for Submitting * * *
1 -
must have TITLE( with / without character picture)
untitled (with a character picture in it)
2 -
CHARACTER = portray Identity / Emotion / Profession
eg : baker, chef, designer, drama queen, shyness, sailor, cartoon, food etc
3 -
CELEBRITY - YOU must Style them that shows Who they are.
No 'Dress Like ...' sets allowed.
~ huge APOLOGY if your sets are taken out. keep creating! kisses.

update: so far the club is going great!
its interesting to see all these sets with characters. keep em coming. :)
i try to moderate this club to fits the purpose of the group.
  • 707 members
  • 5,419 sets