// LilDebbie

@amayaisagrander ; I looveee yew , your the peanut butter to my jelly ! A + K = forever 
@sasha-x0 I'm not about to go all out and put down my feelings for you soo lemme just start . { you have been my bestie since we were lwittle and i will never forget about the good times we had . Even through rough times you were always by my said . That rhymed a little cx . I just want you to know that if you barge in my house one mo' time and eat my daamn kosher pickles and cookies up I will cut you , OTAY . I am bonquiqui , dont get hurrtt . jk , love you babe . Forever taken by You
@ccdreamer you want a special tag ? come and get it , na na na na . No , jk cx . uhm , if you follow the guh in this set I will love you to infinty . You should tell Garfield to stop coming into my yard ! You are perf , babe
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