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Ana Harper; April 13

I was sitting in the library, once again, early on Friday morning. Technically the year 12s didn’t even have to be at school until lunch time on a Friday morning but I had a Photography assignment due last period that I hadn’t finished yet and seeing as it was the last say of school (and because Mr. Oats just hated me in general) there was no chance of me getting it extended.

I’d been at school for about an hour, and was seriously considering throwing my laptop across the library - or at just slamming the lid shut with a satisfying snap - when I noticed someone had dropped into the seat next to me.

“How are you lovely?” Willow had gracefully folded herself into the seat, and opened a conversation like we hadn’t had a falling out for the past week.

“Oh, are you talking to me now?” I asked snarkily, shutting the laptop with less force than I would have liked and turning my attention towards her.

“I was never not talking to you,” She smoothly, a little to smoothly really.

“Oh really?” I asked skeptically, “so how come you haven’t said a word to me all week.”

“You’ve been avoiding us?” I assume she was trying to sound confident, it just sounded like a question. I didn’t say anything at that, just kind of raised both my eyebrows (because I couldn’t coc.k only one, how unfair) “Alright Sophia made us not talk to you. But I personally wasn’t ignoring you. There was no malice behind the not talking to you.” Her words all ran together in the way that usually signified that she was excited. Today I was betting on nervous however.

“That’s nice to know.” I said mildly, reopening my laptop and pretending to return my attention to the report on Ellen von Unwerth’s photography style.

“I bought you a coffee.” She said, in the forced cheerful way that meant she was really nervous, as she slid the iced coffee towards me that I’d neglected to notice sitting on the table earlier.

“No thanks.” I said shortly, glancing at it before returning my attention back to the screen. I kind of felt bad for being so short with her but I was totally entitled to my anger. Also I really really needed to do well in this report.

“Are you that mad at me,” She asked in a small voice that defiantly did not sound at all like Willow

“I’m sorry what?” I asked, brown furrowed as I returned my attention to her.

“Are you so mad at me for going along with Sophia that you’re refusing an iced coffee,” She said, looking kinda of like a kicked puppy. Which was exactly the last thing I needed right now.

“No Sophia I’m not that mad at you,” I smiled at her in a way that was slightly forced but whatever, “It’s just Ryan bought me one earlier and if I have another one I’ll be twitchy in a way that’s fun for absolutely no one.”

“Oh, okay.” She said quietly before a silence fell. Except it felt like going back to my report was the wrong thing to do so I just sat there and waited her out, “Are you mad at me?”

“I don’t know,” I said patiently, pulling my legs up onto the chair and clutching them to my chest, “are you mad at me?”

“Why would I be mad at you?” She cocked her head curiously.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, “Like I literally have no clue why but Sophia and Olivia are mad at me.”

“Oh they’re not,” She shook her head quickly, “well actually Olivia isn’t. She thinks your mad at her.”

“I’m not mad at any of you,” I said, resting my chin on the gap between my knees, “I mean I’m a little bit annoyed you all knew about Matt and didn’t tell me…”

“It wasn’t our place to tell you,” She told me eyes wide and imploring, “we decided it wasn’t our place to tell you.”

I sighed at that, “See that’s the thing. You discussed it without even thinking about me. Or maybe you did think about me I’m not entirely sure. The point is you decided between the lot of you and didn’t ask me and fine okay I understand that, I get it,” I took a deep breath because there was no point getting worked up, not over this, “I understand you deciding not to tell me. I don’t understand why you then decided to drop stupid hints and mock me.” I said, finally admitting that was what my whole issue had been, though I wasn’t pleased at being kept out of the loop.

“I’m sorry Ana,” She said, looking genuinely sorry and surprised. I’m guessing the surprise was at me reaction because what I wasn’t allowed to be upset by things, “it was a bitc.hy thing to do.”

“Well as long as you’re sorry,” I smiled at her again, more genuinely this time, “And I guess I probably might have done the same thing to any of you.” I admitted. 

“When are you going to start sitting with us again?” She asked me, considerably more cheery now that she knew I wasn’t going to bite her head off, “Lunch is always less…sexual when you’re around.” She said, clearly searching for the right word.

“I really don’t feel like dealing with snide Sophia,” I laughed, twisting my bracelet around my wrist absent-mindedly, “And it’s always weird coming back after being away, and even more so when it was voluntary you know?” 

“Oh please, it’s the last day of term and we all know Sophia ditches the last day, it’s like her tradition,” She said, mimicking a high girly voice when she said the word tradition, “and it’s only as weird as you make it. No one even cares except Joel and he just always has a stick up him a.ss.”

“Well I guess I couldn’t deprive you guys of my presence anymore,” I grinned at her before it faltered slightly, “Are you sure Olivia isn’t mad at me.”

“Positive.” She nodded before reaching into her bag and pulling out a white box

“What’s that?” I asked curiously, and yes I know I was easily distracted.

“ Well I thought it’d be harder to beg your forgiveness,” She said, cheeky grin showing me she was joking. Mostly. “So I bought these along in case you needed more convincing.” She opened the box to show me the contents. The contents which were cupcakes and doughnuts from this gourmet little bakery thing just of campus.

“Are you serious.” I said, reaching for them before remembering oh yea we were in the library, “Willow if Kelly sees you have food in the library she’ll kill you and then me.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic,” Willow waved her hand around before taking a cupcake, “I’ve taken care of it.”

“How?” I asked skeptically, mouth totally watering for the sweet treat I didn’t know I needed until now.

“Look,” she nodded her head in the general direction of behind me, I turned to look to see that it was Kelly the librarian she was gesturing towards and that Kelly had a little box of the cakes as well.

“Sneaky,” I laughed, reaching forward to take a doughnut, “Bribing the institution.”

“It’s what I do best,” She winked before taking a bite of dainty pink cupcake, “But I thought you didn’t want one,” She reached towards the box and I lashed out, smacking her hand away from it.

“No, my sweeties.” I cooed, pulling the box towards me.

“Hey someone bought cupcakes,” Our of nowhere a wild Olivia appeared. Seriously she came from no where.

“My cupcakes,” I growled at her in jest, “are you talking to me now?” I added

“I was always talking to you,” She shrugged her shoulder, hoisting herself onto the table and scattering my books in the process, “now give me a cupcake.”

“Only since you asked so nicely,” I rolled my eyes, being sure to hand her a cupcake like Willows, pink and decorated with glitter and butterflies. Let me have my petty moment okay?

“Did someone say there were cupcakes?” Ryan asked, appearing out of no where with Luke in tow. Seriously where were these people coming from? They were like magpies or seagulls or some other scavenging type of birds. Vultures was probably the comparison I was looking for.

“There are no cupcakes,” I shut the lid on the box and glared at everyone, “They are my cupcakes and not yours so every shoo so I can finish this photography assignment.”

“That assignment is a killer,” Luke pointed out, leaning against the back of my chair, 

“Haven’t you finished it yet?” Ryan asked

“You should get on it,” Luke added cheekily.

“I would finish it if everyone left me alone.” I darkened my gaze and clutched the box to my chest away from prying fingers, 

“Give us a cupcake and we’ll leave.” Ryan teased, making a half hearted swipe for the box.

“No. Mine.” I bared my teeth at him again, much to the laughter of everyone else.

Basically I knew there was no way that I would get this assignment finished but with my yummy baked goods and people talking to me again I couldn’t quite bring myself to mind.

Though I had to pull a face at the cliche nature of my thoughts.

I had to stop watching teen movies.
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