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For the contest One More Chance:

1. Find a set (that includes an Asian person or has an Asian theme) that you have already made that you would like to make again
2. Use your awesomely developed "set making" powers to make a new set using at least 3 items from the set (that you chose in step 1). You can add any new items, pictures, and clothing that you want as long as you also include at least 3 items from your old set.
3. Put a link of the set you chose (in step 1) in the description box
4. Enter this contest:
5. Tag at least 3 people to do the same!

This is a remake of this set:

They don't really look alike (at all), but they have the same idea. I wanted to mix and match different colors and textures like Key and GD. 

I tag: 

I was tagged by @kishymanjuntak in her super cool set:

1. What is the last fic you read? I can't remember, I'm pretty sure it was about B.A.P.
2. Last movie you that makes you cry? Wreck-It-Ralph XD
3. Do you watch anime? Yep
4. Your favorite cartoon/anime character? Arnold from Hey Arnold!
5. If you have a chance to throw an artist to a deep ocean, who would it be (it doesn't have to be Korean)? I don't think I'd do that to anyone, wouldn't they get hurt? 
6. Which artist is the most fashoinable in your opinion? Does Victoria Beckham count? She was in the Spice girls! Her and I like Jennifer Lopez's style
7. What is the most played song on your iTunes (or any other music player)? It would be Alarm Clock by Shinee (but the play count was reset, I still have no idea how it happened) but now it is Congratulations by Primary ft. Jay Park & Dynamic Duo
8. Is there any horror movie that gets you paranoid after watching it? Every horror movie I have seen
9. If you could choose your bias to have a candle light dinner, who would it be? Jonghyun from Shinee
10. If you could choose a female kpop group to have a sleepover at your home, who would it be? Maybe 2NE1

Happy Sunday!
August 4th, 2013
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