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So yeah, I'm finally back from CTY (aka nerd-camp, I don't think I have to elaborate on that). I was a bit reluctant at first - gifted education say whaaaa - but after having spent three weeks of my summer inside a secluded place together with 100 other fellow nerds, I can say that it was arguably one of the best experiences of my life. I already miss the place and all my new friends (which is a bit weird now that I mentioned it, because whoever actually heard of me having real-life friends ?!?!?!?) 

Seriously, though, I don't think I could have spent my summer more productively that this. I took Computer Science courses (although my mother kept insisting on Biology but NO, MUM, I DON'T LIKE IT SO DEAL WITH IT) and because they were stating that no advanced knowledge of computers was needed, I happily signed up. 
Only they lied to me.
Advanced knowledge of computers was MORE than needed.
Because almost every kid in that freaking class knew how to program code.
And I didn't.
So inevitably I wasn't one of the front runners at first. I remember the first day when we started with Java and I was like "whaaaaaaaaa" and everyone just casually started typing up code and I just freaked out and felt like the most idiotic person on earth. I earnestly kept asking myself: "Why the heck am I even here?!? My dog could do better than that!". And imagine I don't even have a dog.
Yeah, it got pretty desperate.

And then it became evident that quite a lot of people didn't know much more than that. As soon as I caught up with them as far as the basics were concerned, I really got the hang of it and I was so happy that fiiiiiiiiinally I didn't feel stupid and by the end - I really don't like to brag but... - I was (the only girl but besides that) one of the best students in my class. My parents felt so proud and my mother kept talking about how I could try to get a scholarship when applying for college (which is like 3 years away) and how I'm so smart and how I should definitely become a doctor (I mean yeah, thank you mom, that was so democratic). 

Although my eyes stayed fixed upon a screen for 7 hours a day, which was a bit too much, I had SO MUCH FUNNN and we had so many parties and everyone kept telling me I'm a good dancer and I felt so nice and finally I found some people with whom I can actually talk about serious stuff. And there was also this boy but nothing really happened because I did a stupid thing and he thought I wanted to fix him up with someone else and yeah. 
I need a flirting course.
Like, I don't know. Winking 101. Something. 
[it's like 6 in the morning but who needs sleep when they have brains right? no? ok.]

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