(this outfit was inspired by @adal1ne 's - www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=12076821&.svc=copypaste-and&id=201242378)

hi guys!

i wanted to post this set last night, but my mom got mad at me and she turned off my computer in the middle of writing a long as.s description ugh

pasrt of it is saved bc i wrote it on sticky notes on my computer's screen (?) so i'll just paste it here lol

- hiyaa

i wasn't planning to post anything today, but i'm so bored and i have nothing else to do #thuglife

last night i read one amazing ziam fanfic omfg i've never read anything but larry/only one 1D boy and i'm v surprised lol. it's called pretty boy and it's written by tragicthrills on wattpad. if you want more story recommendations message me here or on wattpad (@.BoxyStyles). i know a lot of good fanfics on ao3 but i don't have an account there, it's so complicated to make one wtf

today's yesim's bday, i'mma say this 100th time today but idc- SIMMY LYSM happy bday m8! i made a set for her on my side account @.for-your-eyesonly ( http://www.polyvore.com/happy_bday_yesim/set?id=201179108 ), go check it out!!
also, it's my aunt's bday today haha, happy birthday dankaa, hope you're having a great one. i don't even know how old are you, shame on me. ly sis (long story, no time)


i also completed one tag, but it got deleted and i'm not feeling like re-doing it again, so i'll just end it here

bye lovlies! ♡

if you read all, comment do you prefer adidas or nike. i like both, but i'm more of a puma person lol that makes no sense

- set VI/X - http://teesandtankyou.com/products/you-don-t-suck-canvas-pouch
#teesandtankyou #taty @teesandtankyou

21/06/16 • 01:37am
castle - halsey
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Wrote three months ago
#samfavsets nice set bambi babe!! aaa so amaizng!! xx

Wrote 5 months ago

Wrote 5 months ago
And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean...

Wrote 5 months ago





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●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

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there is beauty in simplicity

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emotional shawties

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∵captivating sets∵

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