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Wrote three years ago
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Now I was really having fun. I could feel the stares burning holes through me, and I could hear the definite click of their phones' cameras going off. This would end up all over, the latest gossip in the fashion world, a model and a photographer kissing in the middle of a million dollar spread, how scandalous! But I could not care less. I was finally getting what I wanted, getting who I wanted, the girl I had been in love with for the last year or so, hypnotized since I met her so long long ago. The fact that the entire staff was watching just made it icing on top of the cake. Sure it could be seen as unprofessional, but I didn't give a f.ck. If anything this would make my work even better. There has to me some kind of connection between the photographer and the model, yes? Well here it was, the chemistry we had felt radiating through the lens finally coming to show. I bite my lip once we finish, smiling in glee while looking at her, "Much, much better." I manage to speak, starstruck as she moves back to the camera. I regain my composure, blushing cheeks and all as I began to pose once again, this time not being able to hide that smile on my face, the smile she had put there the second she kissed my lips.

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Naomi couldn't help but smile into the kiss as Rebecka kissed back, forgetting for a second that she was in a middle of a photo shoot and the whispers were growing louder and louder. She felt like her insides were exploding, finally kissing the right person - not a drunken mistake or someone she had used to repress her feelings and her sexuality. It was liberating, kissing the girl she probably loved in front of an audience. It felt like a big f.ck you to that side of herself that kept trying to change her. She had struggled with it and it had almost won, but she had kicked it right in the ass and made it vanish forever. She relished in the last few minutes of their kiss as she wrapped her arms around her neck draped in diamonds. Once she pulled out, she was beaming. The knot in her back had dissipated and she felt like she could now wrap up the shoot with confidence. “Much better, don't you think?” she winked liked she had done before, adjusting Rebecka's dark hair in the process. She ignored the staff's wide eyes and gaping mouths and stepped behind the camera once again. This time, she wasn't going to pretend this kiss never happened. Oh, this was real. It felt like a dream, but it was a hundred percent real.

Wrote three years ago


I leave beauty everywhere

I leave beauty everywhere

“Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art.”
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