Make Mine Mesh

Never let it be said that Polyvore members don’t mesh well; they’ve been coming up with looks that incorporate all manner of the trendy perforated fabric. Check out a few of the coolest recent ensembles and get sheerly awesome!


Wrote 4 years ago
Thank you!

Wrote 4 years ago
To everyone: Please come check out my sets! It would mean a lot! Thank you:D

Wrote 4 years ago
So stylish looks, love all

Wrote 4 years ago
Hi, i need to ask you something but i didnt get answer in inbox MY SISTERS ACCOUNT IS DELETED HOW SHE IS HERE MORE THAN A YEAR MAYBE 2 ON POLYVORE CAN YOU HELP HER my sister cant log in in her polyvore account with email, pasword, or account name like she dont exsist on polyvore anymore and we cant find her when we search for her name she is here i think 2 years on polyvore whats happend can you help her Best regards Izabela


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