life of the party -- brad simpson the vamps cover

Hey guys its happasianxx :)
lol maybe I should tell y'all my name sometime or naw? comment if I should. 

so I've been here in the Philippines for about 3 or 4 days. I'm super jet lagged right now but I kinda had to force myself to stay awake today

its Sunday so imma tell y'all what I did today 
so I woke up around 3 am Filipino time which is 4 pm US time and snapchatted some friends because I couldn't sleep. Then about an hour later I went back to sleep because jet lag was starting to get to me.

sadly my mom woke me up at seven to go to church. Me, my sis, my two aunties, and my mom were the last ones to leave the house so we had to walk :/ but here in the Philippines we have tricycles that take your places - its like a cab but a bike/motorcycle. so me and one of my aunties took one to the church while my sis, my other aunt, and my mom walked.

so the mass was kinda long but the homily was nice. 
after the mass we came to the house to pick up some things and cool off a bit and then went to a reunion for my grandma's half of the family.

we were the "VIPs" there because we are from America and they were all so excited to see my Lola (grandma in filipino). so during the prayers and all the opening remarks they were all like "we want to thank god for this food and our visitors from Texas na America" well not really those words but they brought it up a lot.

so they food was really good. noodles and rice and I think fried squid but idk it tasted good. and then more remarks about the next reunion for the family. 

then games. it was mostly the adults - word relay, charades. but one of the games was for the best primo (cousin). well it was for the kids I guess, so me and three others had to chew bubblegum and whoever blows the biggest bubble gets the prize. so they count 1,2,3 and then we unwrapped the paper and gawsh it was hard so one of my pieces still had paper when I put it in my mouth. so two pieces and they were super hard to chew. it took a while but I ended up being the winner (≧∇≦)/ the prize was pillowcases. pobre man :D

so then after the reunion we (my Lola, her sister, my uncle, my mom, and my sis) went to the airport to pick up some piñas (pineapples) my uncle brought.

after that we drove around to see the boy scout tents, fort pilar, and the regency, which is a super fancy hotel. we stopped at pamela's to eat some halo halo and mango shake with lumpia shanghai. for all you non-filipinos, halo halo is sorta like jello with fruit and some ice cream. lumpia shanghai are baby egg rolls. my favorite. 

okay this is getting long but after that we went to visit my auntie in forest lake. it took us a while to find her but we found her spot since it's nearby the pono (tree). we didn't bring any flowers or candles but its okay we just said hi and stuff.

okay now we are all back in the house. it took me 30 minutes to type this because I'm on my phone.

okay I like this set but it's got a weird color scheme don't ya think?
we got a Franco, The Vamps boys, and a flower crown ^.^

alright I'm gonna go.
comment 'lumpia shanghai' if you read this all.
bye for now.

@swifties-as-one thanks for being the first to post. I love your set! ??
@degrassi2012 thanks for posting! and nah your sets are/is just as amazing ??

#morecats {8.3.2014} 
oh my gawd its august already :'(
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