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This is a super easey recipe! but it might take a little long to make. First, you have to make your snowcone syrup.

O 1. add some water & pour sugar in & boil until the sugar dissolves. t here isnt really an exact amount, so just eye it. 

O 2. Take it out from heat & pour into a container & add a packet of kool- aid. Wait for it to cool, and put it into a container with lid.

O 3. Take out about 2- 3 cups of ice. if the ice cubes are really big, you might need them to sit out.

O 4. put ice cubes in blender && add some water. Blend untill its shaved ice.

O 5. Pour your ice into cones ( or cups if you dont have any) 

O 6. Add your flavored syrup you made! 

* if you want to make it more fun, make alot of flavored syrup && pour more than one flavor into your snowcone.

Have fun && enjoy your snowcones!♥

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