Makeup My Mind

makeup to try (with a few I already love)
i hardly ever wear nailpolish (could prob count the number of times on one hand), so i'm pretty curious there, though unlikely to actually try it.
i don't wear stuff on my lips every day either, but sometimes a gloss randomly. i have this crazy idea that older women lose color in their lips from wearing lipstick all the time - at the very least, it must block some sun exposure, right? plus, my lips are already an awesome dark pink. but i could see changing that up a bit.
i'm already super good at playing up my eyes, but there's a few colors i miss from back in the day, and would like to find matches for. (a Chanel gold eye crayon, and a Shu Uemura metallic taupe for starters)
and lastly, i have my favorite scents, which is usually how i choose hair and skin products. because anything i've tried to use to bulk up my thin hair has failed. maybe i'll try more...

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