HELLOOOO PEOPLE. Elaine here :) 

so for me, i don't exactly wear makeup, aside from lip balm and for special occasions. BUT, i have friends who and have drilled some makeup tips and beauty secrets into my head. and not to mention i read alot. like, A LOT. anyways, to the tips!

- instead of fully lining the lips, draw a sideways- v shape on each outer corner. this makes the lips look fuller and more natural than just lining your lips.

- When applying mascara, tilt your head back and apply your mascara, this will keep the mascara on your lashes, instead of on your lids. 

- applying orange lipstick then concealer to minimize dark under-eye circles.

- Applying white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes mak you appear more wide awake.

- By applying mascara ONLY on the outer upper corners of the lash line, lifts the eye and makes it look more open, in addition to very natural.

- Brush your lips softly with a toothbrush before applying lipgloss and the lipgloss will stay on longer!

- To make eyes look bigger, put a little white shimmer/eyeshadow on the corners of your eyes.

- Buy good makeup brushes and take care of them. (They will last for years)

- dont put baby oil on then eyeliner, it smears

- Use concealer AFTER you use foundation, because the foundation can conceal some of the smaller blemishes that you would other wise waste concealer covering up. 

- clear mascara over eyeliner helps stop smearing

- Don’t take a shower for at least four hours after you do you nails, and its even better if you take it the next day. Hot water is nail polish’s natural born enemy. It causes shrinkage at the tip and encourages chipping.

- Clear mascara over eyeliner helps stop smearing

- Loose powder helps makeup last FOREVER!! 

- Yellow based concealers are the best for diminishing under eye circles

- Dabbing a little extra lip gloss in the middle of the bottom lip will make your lips look fuller

- Sleeping with vaseline on your lips will make them softer and applying vaseline to lashes at night to make them healthy and fuller.

- It helps a lot. if you rub Vaseline on the skin around your nails before polishing.

- Put green on red pimples before applying concealer to help reduce the obvious redness

- By running your eyelash curler under warm water (or blowing on it with your blow drier for a second) before using it gives you a little curlier result that lasts

- Shading your natural eye contour with a pressed powder two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone creates the look of having larger eyes without using a lot of makeup.

- Apply concealer with a brush for better results.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Less is More!!!!!!!

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