Hey lovelies! At some point in your life, you're probably going to need to make some money for yourself. Here are some easy ways for teens to make money.
1. Have a garage sale.
If you clean your room, then you can definitely find some things to sell. You can sell toys, clothing, accessories, crafts, and DVDs/CDs. You can even make jewelry, finger puppets, and stuffed animals to sell. By having a garage sale, you can definitely make some decent money (just make sure to advertise it!).
2.Get a weekend job
If you can get a job at a library or grocery store, then you can easily make money quickly. Even a job that pays minimum wage will get you some decent money after working for 3 or 4 hours.
3. Recycle cans/bottles.
In most states, you can get 5 cents for each bottle/can you recycle. Yes, that isn't much money, but it adds up quickly. If you go to a friend's party, you can collect their cans and recycle them later. Save up all your cans and go on a monthly trip to recycle them.
4. Babysit
If you are responsible and don't mind dealing with children, then babysitting is a good job. Advertise around your neighborhood or offer to babysit you neighbor's children. However, be careful; you might want to babysit people you know. Don't babysit strangers.
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