Ring. Ring. Why can't you just ring already?! 

Malia's eyes were glued to the face of the red alarm clock seated at her bedside. She was wide awake and had been for half an hour already. 
And all she wanted was for the stupid alarm clock to ring, so she could know what to do with herself. 
It was the first day of classes at EVA, and Malia was undoubtedly nervous. Being the perfectionist she was, Malia had planned today's morning
schedule out to the tee. She was supposed to wake up at 6:30 AM, which gave her a perfect hour to take a shower, do her make-up, and get dressed.
But, now, she had screwed up the schedule. Gosh, why did she always fuck things up?! 


Finally, Malia's alarm clock decided to let out the irritating ring that had made her choose it in the first place. She jumped out bed and hurried to the bathroom. 
If things went her way, she would look amazing today and be at least a little confident in herself.Maybe she would be able to utter a few words to some people and actually make some friends. That would definitely be something new.
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