Since I have longing for F(exo) interaction for too long. I can't help but making this set. 
SM is just too cruel T T, This two maknae groups are sunbae and hoobae too. I really want to see their interaction, moreover most of them are the same age. 
The SM's 94 line is there... 
Gaaaaaah...... T T
And yet, they make all the comeback date for F(x) on the goodbye stage of EXO. Wae, SM? Waeeee??... T T
Well.. at least they have stand in one stage for once.
This is how I imagine F(x) styled to EXO's costume.
So it's not for an everyday life fashion, okay? This is for stage costume.
Not that strange right?
And I realized in one of Sehun's tops for MAMA costume, the dark green one, it was actually a see trough outfit. And I can see clearly that this maknae's body is as hot as Krystal's abs. Ha ha ha 
Anyway... feel free to comment.
And sorry for the unnecessary complaint on the first part of the description.

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