mama, they won't let me out /////// playlist

/////// they're tearing up holes in the house
/////// they're tearing their claws in the ground
/////// they're staring with blood in their mouths
/////// mama they won't let me out
/////// they tumble and fight
/////// and they're beautiful
/////// on the hilltops at night
/////// they are beautiful
(wolves // phosphorescent)
01/ country mile // camera obscura
02/ work song // hozier
03/ towers // bon iver
04/ colour me in // damien rice
05/ catcher // sin fang
06/ wolves // phosphorescent
07/ somedays // regina spektor
08/ sister // sufjan stevens
09/ the wolves (act i and ii) // bon iver
10/ america // first aid kit

three comments

Wrote one year ago
@talibird25 @unquiet-dreams thank you both, so sweet! B-)

Wrote one year ago
i love this so much!!

Wrote one year ago
i'm so happy cause now i have so many more monets to add to my collection and a really really awesome playlist so wow bless your soul


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