Man In Love
Narrator’s POV

You don’t see Sunggyu being excited everyday; his eyes widen [and you can finally see that they are open], he is unusually energetic and can sit in one place for more than 3 seconds. It’s such an unusual state for Sunggyu that his friends who knows him well can tell that something is going to happen. Something that probably will cost them a lot of hard work.

Sunggyu couldn’t wait for the time all of them would be after classes on their rehearsal; he caught one by one each of Enigma members on their collage’s halls to announce them they are going to play a concert in trendy club. That Friday. 

“Chanyeol, focus!” Sunggyu waved in front of the guitarist’s face; they were sitting in cafeteria during lunch break, and the younger boy kept staring at someone over Sunggyu’s shoulder. “Here’s list of songs we are going to perform…” 
The younger boy wasn’t paying /enough/ attention and Sunggyu decided to use his always working weapon – threatening. 
“Chanyeol, if you won’t repeat all songs we’re going to play I’m going to stand up, walk to that girl and tell her you still sleep with teddy bear.”
“That’s not true!” The boy shook his head, to which the older one grinned.
“She doesn’t know it’s not true.”

“Again!” Sunggyu shouted from his chair; it was most probably fifty time /or at least it seemed like that/ they were going to start the same song. Sunggyu’s perfectionist nature wasn’t allowing him to accept any other performance than a perfect one. 

Someone knocked to the art room. And just walk in, without waiting for an invitation. That person was going to be a dead person very soon, as Sunggyu rushed like an angry bulk in the direction of the door.

“Hi! You sound A-M-A-Z-I-N-G guys!” The girl who walked in raised her thumbs up and smiled brightly. “I was waiting outside for some break because I didn’t want to interrupt. But it seems you don’t have breaks while practicing.”
Sunggyu tried to be calm; he tried not to yell but when he opened his mouth a loud shout left it. “GET OUT OF MY REHEARSAL!!!”
“No need to yell, I’m not deaf.” She said calmly which only raised Sunggyu’s level of anger. “ Don’t you think you can spare five minutes for talking with me, while giving well deserved break to your boys?”
The boys nodded in agreement - and quickly stopped doing it when Sunggyu glared at them.
“Five minutes.” He said, pushing the girl outside.

“What do you want, Joo?” 
“Time is running and we haven’t even started doing our documentary.”
“I’m busy now. My band comes first. Always.” Sunggyu said proudly.
Joo was positively surprised by the boy’s devotion; she had thought he’s lazy and sleepy everytime she met him on hallways but he was most probably tired from all that rehearsing. 
“I don’t want to distract you; I’ll wait till the rehearsal is over and then we can go eat something and discuss our project.”
“I don’t know when I’ll finish.”
“I still want to wait.”
“Do what you want.” He turned to enter the art room back and she followed him.
“Don’t even think about it! Wait outside!”

“Hyung, let her wait here!” Jun Yeon pouted over his drums.”
“No way; any girl – or other boy – is allowed here when we have our rehearsals. Too much distraction.” Said Sunggyu thinking about Joo’s pretty face /and annoying personality/.

When the rehearsal was finally over, Sunggyu wasn’t expecting to see Joo sitting outside on cold floor with tons of papers in front of her; he forgot she was going to wait for him, and was surprised she actually kept her word.

At his sight she quickly started picking up all the papers and pushing it back to her bag. “Sketches for our project; all ides on paper.” She explained. “I had a very creative time listening to your music.”
“No one asked.” Sunggyu said; he was tired and hungry and seeing someone being in good mood was making him impolite. 
“I’m ignoring what you have just said because you’re tired and hungry.” She said, surprising the boy. “Let’s go, I’m hungry too!” She smiled.

They went to the closest restaurant, and that time filled with couples on dates. For first half an hour they weren’t speaking much – they were eating like two hungry wolves. 

When Joo filled her stomach, she started talking /too loudly, in that annoying voice, Sunggyu would add/.
“One of our goals is to compare real couples with those we see on TV, and see whether cheesy behaviour that we see in dramas can be observed in reality too. Do you think couples feed each other during meals?”
“I preferred when you were busy eating and didn’t ask stupid questions.” Sunggyu said to hide his confusion; he found the idea of feeding someone embarrassing and ridiculous.

Joo placed the camera on the table next to them and adjusted it to record both of them. She repeated her question to the camera, and faced Sunggyu.
“Should we try?”
But she already was busy making wrap with lettuce and meat, and later forcing it to Sunggyu.
“I’m not a baby to be feeded. And this is stupid.”
“Taking romantic selcas together?”
“Stupid idea.”
“Couple rings? Couple shirts?”
“Even more stupid.”

“Have you ever noticed you overuse the word ‘stupid’?” Joo asked.
Sunggyu glared at her. “You know what I think about this question?”
“It’s stupid.” They said both, and Joo laughed. “Working with you is going to be very interesting.”
“If I can be honest, I don’t really want to work with you on that foolish project about couples.” 

Normal person would felt offended; would said that there’s no reason for working on the project together, and Sunggyu would be free [he didn’t want to disappoint his teacher – and most importantly himself – by giving up; he wanted to be kicked out from the project].

But that was Joo, not any other girl.
“Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but what you need. See you tomorrow in this park, partner.” Joo left him with notebook where she had written down most of her ideas for the project, and schedule of filming.

That night Sunggyu couldn’t stop thinking about Joo; she was annoying him. And for some unexplained reason she was inspiring him.

He crossed out half of the questions she was planning to ask during interviews and started writing his own; after all it was his role to be journalist, and her to be filmmaker.

In the middle of the work, he also started writing new lyric. Inspired by her.

‘You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you might find
You get what you need’

Sunggyu put his pen back and looked down at the paper filled with new lyrics he couldn’t wrote in months.
‘She’s my muse’. He taught perplexed. 

The next day, after another long rehearsal, Sunggyu was planning to go straight home and rest; but as he was ridding bus and observing rain drops slowly falling on the bus window, he reminded himself of meeting with Joo.

‘I was supposed to be in that park 3 hours ago!’ He taught looking at his watch. He was about to step out the bus and run to the park, but he sat back.
‘3 hours ago. She is not waiting there anymore. Besides, it’s raining.’
Sunggyu shook his head; he didn’t know the girl for long time but he was sure one thing – she was waiting.

He jumped out the bus at the nearest stop and rushed to the park.

He quickly found her; near wooden fence with red flowers growing on it. She was there, looking at the rain, with umbrella over her head.

Sunggyu stopped and observed her; he could easily imagine her smiling at him and asking ‘what do you think about couples kissing in the rain?’, and felt sudden urge to try it, to check if it was really something romantic – or rather foolish.

Instead he walked to her and wanted to say something impolite but couldn’t find any words.
“This is great location!” She said at his sight. “For filming!”
“Aren’t you mad at me?” He asked.” I made you wait for me 3 hours in the rain.”
“First of all, it started raining some 15 minutes ago, and I have umbrella with myself.” She said brightly. “And you were probably busy with your band, so it’s okay. I can do some work on my own, I filmed some great shots for intro!” 
Sunggyu wanted to call her stupid for waiting, but instead he sneezed.

“Oh, you’re drenched! That’s so nice you run in the rain just to meet me.”
“It’s not even a bit romantic when you start to feel even your underwear drenched with rain. “ Sunggyu nagged, making Joo laugh. 
“Come on, I live nearby”.

With cup of hot tea, and in /pink/ robe, Sunggyu felt way better. At first he protested but now he knew it was good decision to followed the girl to her apartment. 
“It’s tiny but at least my own.” Joo sat opposite him when she finished hanging his clothes on the radiator.
“It’s a very nice apartment.”
“Have I just heard praise from you?” Joo laughed.
“Don’t get used to it.” Sunggyu said and joined the girl in laughing. 

I'm not creative enough to write my own lyrics so I just quote some; here in this story is used You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones.

BTW, Sunggyu is living at dorm, and Woohyun is his roomate/Enigma's mascot - character everyone can freely use as you wish:)
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