“Joe,” I sighed, “I am perfectly capable of holding a suitcase.” We were both in my suite, packing up to wherever this ‘mystery’ place was. I, being the procrastinator that I was, hadn’t finished packing. So Joe came earlier to help me, folding clothes, and so on. We finished up in minutes. 
“Yes I know that,” he looked at me before heading out to the hallway, “But then I wouldn’t be a good boyfriend.”
“That doesn’t make sense,” I grabbed my bag from the kitchen counter before heading out for the last time here in Paris. It was a bit sad for the most part, but we were heading out for another place, hopefully a better place at that.
“It doesn’t have to make sense,” he retorted, his voice was straining as he picked mine and his up with one hand, “It’s the gentleman thing to do.”
“Now does Joe need any help?” I asked trying to hide my laugh.
Before he could reply Kevin screamed at us from down the hall, “You guys have two minutes to get to the elevator!”
“Whoa did he have his morning coffee yet?” I asked Joe again.
“I’m pretty sure he over did it today,” he laughed as I closed the door behind me.
“I HEARD THAT!” he screamed again as we all tried to hide our laughter.
“We better get going,” Joe whispered into my ear.
And with that I made my way through the marble floor behind Joe. Who still seemed to struggle with my over-packed suitcase even more. We joined the group and descended downstairs to the waiting car in front. I was full of anticipation, and tried my best not to ask ‘Where are we going?’ as much. But this wasn’t guaranteed. Maybe he was going to take us to the desert, as he earlier joked. Maybe Egypt and we could go inside those pyramid-shaped things. Or maybe we were going to Hollywood, to visit the stars and so on. Maybe New York, or Milan, or Rome. Maybe even Spain, where some of my family lived. Maybe. 
- - - - -
We headed inside the plane in no time and quickly sat in our seats, waiting for take off.
The lyrics of ‘Slow Motion Tag Team’ rang into my ears from my itouch. We buckled our seatbelts as the plane took off. I got the window seat this time. 
“What are you listening to?” Joe asked as he was typing something up in his blackberry.
“Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head,” I responded.
“Interesting,” his tone seemed to question my sanity almost, “That’s the name of the band?” 
“Yeah,” I pointed at the itouch screen, “It’s only the best band ever.”
“Second to us, right?” he smiled.
“Yes second to you guys,” I laughed, “Want to hear some?” 
“Sure,” he replied as I tried to untangle the pink cords. 
“Having a problem there, buddy?”
“No, not at all,” I fumbled with the cord, finally getting it right. He slipped it in his ear as I reasted my head back on to the comfortable leather seats. After the song ended Joe scrolled through the list of artists and started playing with some of the apps. I slowly drifted off to sleep.
Mandy,” Joe poked my shoulder, he had a wide, goofy smile on his face.
“Yes?” I asked trying to open my eyes. As soon as I did, Joe pointed at the screen. ‘Mandy’ by the Jonas Brothers was playing. I remember when I uploaded that song. It was just before I got really obsessed with them. I used to think that I was ‘mandy’. I smiled instantaneously at the thought. Now I was that Mandy.
“Mandy always laughs when I act stupid,” Joe whispered-sang, “I am unaware that I’m a nuisance.” His voice going in tune to the music perfectly. He motioned me to sing, I instantly shook my head no and paused the song.
“Come on Mands, you can’t be that bad,” he whined.
“I actually am that bad,” I said, smiling at how funny his face was.
“How would you know if you haven’t even sung?” he asked.
I sighed, “Third grade, everyone had to come up to our teacher and sing a part of a song. When I got to my part I sang, and everyone laughed. So I’ve sworn off all singing in front of people since then.”
“So you’re going to listen to a bunch of third graders and not your boyfriend?”
“Exactly,” I smiled, “See you get it now.”
“I’m never gonna let her go, ‘cause Mandy always knows,” he sung it reluctantly.
I hoped that was true.
The one thing I dread with this trip, was going back home.
I didn’t want to leave Manda and the Jonai and everything.
And Joe.
I didn’t want this all to end.
- - - - - - - -
“Whoa big clock!” I heard Manda’s muffled voice in the background. Apparently planes made me sleepy, because once again I had my head leaned on Joe’s shoulder as he dozed off. I moved a little hoping not to wake him up in the process. 
“NO WAY. We are not in LONDON?!” Danielle’s voice soon woke up Joe.
“How is the big clock a signal that we’re in London?” Manda asked.
“That’s Big Ben,” Joe said coolly, probably since he knew something that we both didn’t know.
“Who’s Ben?” I asked, “And why does he get a big clock named after him?”
“You guys don’t know geography do you?” Nick asked.
“No,” Me and Manda both said in unison. I basically had world geography in 6th grade. So my memory was easily jogged. 
“Well let’s hope you know some other stuff,” Joe teased.
“Ha ha, very funny,” I stuck my tongue out as the plane dipped down into the city. 
We got out of the plane and headed to the hotel. Shortly after we arrived it started pouring, common weather for London. I got to my suite and un-winded. This suite was almost as pretty as the one in Paris. This one although was more cozy and casual. The sage green walls were opening and the white curtains on the windows were calming. As if the architects were trying to get as much sunlight in, which was hard with the gloomy exterior. Other than that, London was beautiful. The gang headed over to a nearby pub where we ate fish and chips. To my surprise there were no chips. But the French fries were ok. 

what a gey and short story. yay. ughh i promise they'll get better. i just have to catch up. 

'tissues' <--- type that if you read it. Why? I have no idea. 

if you wanna know what else happens to 'mandy' and joe then read manda's sets. hahaha im to lazy to write out the rest X__x

what a clever face.

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mandy ♥

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