“Morning,” Kevin said sleepily as me and Joe walked to their suite to have breakfast.
“Someone hasn’t had their coffee yet,” Joe mocked.
“Hey, I can fully survive a morning without coffee,” Kevin poured maple syrup over his pancakes.
“I don’t think that’s possible,” Danielle winked at him. Kevin smiled back towards her.
“So what do you guys want to do today?” Nick asked approaching us.
“Shopping!” All three of us girls said in unison. 
So it was settled. Nick would go shopping with Manda, Kevin with Danielle, and me with Joe. Perfect, hopefully.
“Do we really have to go shopping?” Joe whined as we got back to his room.
“Yes, we really do,” I mimicked his whining, “Well technically no one is forcing you here.”
“Fine, I’ll go,” he reluctantly said.
“Thank you!” I quickly hugged Joe.
“But tomorrow it’s my turn to plan the day,” he looked me in the eye, smiling, “And plan all the surprises I want.”
“Ughh, no more surprises, please.”
“Then I guess no shopping with me today…” he slid his finger down his cheek, pretending he was wiping away a tear.
“You suck,” I sat on his bed.
“I know,” he smiled leaning towards me kissing my forehead, and slowly reaching my lips. As they met I put my hands around his neck. I heard a creak coming from the door, but I paid no attention until I saw a guy figure from the corner of my eye.
“Nick?” I said quickly ending the kiss.
“Umm uhh- just here for a shirt,” he said nearly covering his eyes.
Joe wiped the lip gloss from his face, “It’s uhh in the bathroom,” his face turned the slightest shade of pink.
“Found it,” Nick said, “Umm bye..” He left the room.
“That wasn’t awkward at all,” I sarcastically said.
“Yeah,” he turned to me, “Now where were we?” He leaned closer once again.
I put my finger on his lips, “Nu-uh. Not until we actually go shopping,” I smiled.
“Well then what are you waiting for?” He raced me to the elevator.
“This is going to be so much fun,” I grinned widely as Joe made a face at me.
- - - - - - - - - -
“So what do you think of this dress?” We were at a boutique changing room. The fifth one to be exact.
“It’s uh- very cute?” He said, looking at me for one second. 
“You said that about all the other dresses,” I stated looking down at the minty green BCBG dress, “I mean it’s like 25 percent off. A steal basically. The fit could be better around the chest though. What do you think of the color?” I twisted in his direction so he could easily see the full front.
“It looks minty,” he smiled clueless-ly.
“I don’t get how you can have such great style,” I looked back at the mirror, adjusting the dress, “But be no help when it comes to dress shopping.”
“Hey in my defense,” he got up from his chair, “You looked stunning in all of them.”
“Typical boyfriend answer,” I murmured to myself.
“Fine, fine. I liked this one,” he pointed to a short black one, “And this one,” he pointed at a more spring dress.
“I thought so,” smiling as I walked back to unzip my dress.
“But you looked good in all of them,” I heard Joe say.
“Sure,” I said as I walked with him towards the front of the small shop.
“May I ask what they’re for?” Joe held my hand and held the two dresses.
“Spring fling. I’m not even sure I’m going yet, but I needed a dress.”
“Ohh when is it?” 
“Just before spring break, on like March 27th,” I gave the woman behind the cashier the dresses. She was mid-forties, tall, and chic. With blunt bangs and long black hair.
“That will be 735 euros,” she said in a heavy French accent. Fuckk, I was 200 euros shy.
“Umm-wait a sec,” I fumbled in my purse until I found my wallet, “I uh- only have 500.” She looked at me with no reaction whatsoever.
“Then I’ll just have to take them back.”
“Wait.. I have the money,” Joe got out his wallet and took out 8 hundred euro bills.
“Joe, no. It’s no problem I’ll just pick one of them,” I looked at him intently.
The woman took the money from his hand and gave him the change.
“Too late,” he smiled holding on to my waist.
“You did not need to do that,” I frowned, “I mean I could have picked one. The black one seemed better anyways.”
“But you looked beautiful in both of them.” We walked out into the sidewalk heading to find a place to eat.
“I need to find a way to pay you back,” I took out the money, “I have 500 here, I can pay you the rest later.”
He didn’t take the money instead he kissed me softly on the cheek, “Think of it as a contest prize.”
“I’ll find a way to give you back the money,” I kissed him back.
“And I’ll find a way to give it back too.”
“There’s no getting around to you, is there?” 
“No, not really,” he smiled and tousled with my hair.
I blushed, “Uhh-So where to next?”
“I thought today was your day?” he began to walk, holding my hand as we crossed the street.
“Ohh I knew that,” I blushed a deeper tone of red.
“How about a bite to eat,” he suggested.
I pointed to a McDonalds restaurant a couple yards away, “How about there?”
He laughed to himself for a minute.
“Or are you too rockstar to go inside?” I smirked.
“Umm actually I love McD’s. It’s just you’re the first girl who’s suggested that to me.”
“Then you must not know a lot of girls,” I winked as we both laughed and headed inside.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
“So who was your favorite Jonas Brother?” Joe asked. We had played 20 questions as we waited for the burgers to come.
“Umm you guys were all my favorite,” I smiled, “But you had that Joe-hawk thing. And when you came to Boca a couple years ago, you were definitely my favorite.”
“I remember that! It was like in April or something, with the Jesse tour.”
“Hahha, like everyone left when he performed.” I smiled remembering how me and all my friends went and had a blast.
“I felt so bad for him,” he said, “But it was pretty funny.”
“My turn! So do you ever curse?” I knew it was pretty stupid, but he was a teenage guy and yet I’ve never heard him curse.
“I mean I do, but I try not to do it all the time.”
“Good answer,” I grinned.
“Would you rather eat 10 live spiders or having to eat broccoli every day of your life?”
“10 spiders, easily,” I responded, “Because then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting broccoli and everything.”
The waitress came to the table and served the food. We had both gotten two number ones and coke.
“Have you ever fallen in love?” I asked in between bites.
“You mean besides being in love with you?” he smiled.
“Joe, I’m being serious. You can’t just fall in love like that so quick,” I took a sip from my coke, carefully analyzing him.
“Ever heard of love at first sight?” he answered looking right into my eyes.
“Uhh-well I have,” I tried to get this through my head; Joe really had said I love you. But I’m sure it’s just a thing he does with everyone he’s dated. “That’s rather irrational of you to love a person so quick though.”
“Maybe love is irrational,” smiling again, he left me speechless. Because not only could I not come up with a significant back-up to my statement, but because I was actually starting to believe him. 
“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t,” I started nervously twirling my hair, “Wow, these fries are different here. Like more yellow”
“You don’t believe me, do you?” he looked a bit hurt.
“Umm I do, why do you say that?” I looked around.
“You just asked me about the fry’s color,” he laughed quietly.
“Ohh,” he read me so well.
“Amanda, I do love you. Please believe that,” he reached for my hands across the booth, “How can I prove it to you?”
“You already did Joe,” I smiled once again, “No need to prove anything.” 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
The rest of the day was spent walking around like regular tourists. Taking millions of photos at each and every spot. When it reached nightfall we went into the hotel.
“I actually had fun today,” Joe said as I unlocked my door.
“I knew it,” I laughed, “Shopping isn’t so bad now is it?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Joe laughed along.
“See you tomorrow,” I started closing the door, “And please no more surprises.”
“I cannot guarantee that,” he grinned again, “Night.” With that I closed the door. Slowly changing into my pajamas. Today had been one of the best days, hands down, of my life. This all felt like a dream to me. But a knock on the door suddenly brought me back to Earth.
“Uhh-who is it?” I asked, trying to put my slippers on. No response.
“Joe? Is this another surprise?” I asked again to whoever was outside. Manda and Nick were doing something, and I doubt Danielle or Kevin had anything to say.
Another knock. 
I opened the door and gasped. Holy fuck. 

Demi stood there with a smirk on her face. 

“What are you doing here?” She asked, making her way inside.
“Excuse you, but you don’t own this suite,” I said slowly trying to release my stress and anger, “Please get out.”
“You didn’t pay for it, now did you?”
“Who do you think you are?” I asked narrowing my eyes. 
“Demi Lovato. Now who do you think you are stealing my boyfriend life that?”
“Well a s s -face, he broke up with you,” I said trying to contemplate this whole situation, “Get over it and leave.”
“I find it ironic, how he broke up with me just a day before he asked you out,” she looked at me head to toe, “Why would he want a miley cyrus look-a-like poser anyway?”

This b i t c h did not just call me that.

“I find it puzzling that he didn’t break up with an ex-barney loser like you before,” I smiled to myself, “Now get the hell out of here.”
“I really liked him you know,” she frowned, her eyes slightly watering, “He broke up with me so suddenly.”
“You’re a really good actress, like really,” I mocked, “Now please get out of here.”
“I’ll get payback,” she said, “Just hope you know that.”
She started walking down the corridor, her marc Jacobs heels clacking against the crème marble floors, “Is that a threat a s s -face?”
“It’s a promise b i t c h.” She turned around and smiled. I could see a black-haired girl walking with her towards the nearby elevator. Another Disney b i t c h, Selena. 

I closed the door, angrily. What did she mean payback? Was she going to break me and Joe up? Or was this just something to get me worked up over? Should I even tell Joe? Ughh, I have no idea what to do. I reached for my giant teddy bear, remembering the night before. 

I loved Joe.
Well I think I love Joe. 
And he loved me.

So why even worry about this demi girl anyway?


im pretty sure i made grammar mistakes. whatever. i need to work on a project right now. ughhh. stupid tale of two cities.

if you read it type, 'star earrings.'

haha im so lame.

and poly-bot won. eff.


mandy ♥
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