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I tossed around in the makeshift bed, made of random assortments of pillows and blankets, trying not to wake up Joe. Which was proven to be difficult, considering that we were only a mere couple of inches apart. We were all in Manda’s living room, and by we I mean Joe, Nick, Kevin and Manda, Danielle, and I. Kevin and Danielle sat (more like slouched) over the loveseat, hand in hand. Manda was sleeping beside Nick, I wonder if they’d ever go back together. If Nick would just admit that he was clueless and get over the whole Arden ordeal. Saying her name sent shivers down my back. Not that she intimidated me in any way, if anything my bitchiness to her made her back off. My insults and comebacks were far superior in intellect and ‘burn’ factor. She didn’t even know what intellect was until she went on google to look it up. What has the world come to? What I did find intimidating was her manipulative ways. Her method of treachery and lying, just to ruin a strong relationship. Now that, was scary.
A soft murmur came from beside me, interrupting my thoughts. 
Joe yawned as he stretched over, before getting up he put the rest of the blanket around my body.
“Where are you going?” I barely whispered into the pillow.
“You’re awake?” He whispered slowly, looking around to see if he woke up anyone else. 
“No, I’m sleeping,” I said in a sarcastic tone. I sat up, cautiously, and walked over to where Joe stood. “What are you doing?”
After Joe slyly smiled he responded, “It’s almost 6 and I don’t want everyone to hog the pancakes.” 
“So you wake up this early,” I asked, “to get dibs on pancakes?”
“Correct,” he smiled his ultra-white teeth at me, even in the dark room it was still noticeable, “You’re smarter then I thought.”
“Ha-ha,” I said heading towards the kitchen, a couple rooms away. Joe searched the wooden cabinets and steel refrigerator until he finally found the Aunt Jemima (is that how it’s spelled?) box. Through the commotion Kevin and Danielle came into the room.
“Joe is it possible for you to get louder?” Kevin yawned as he took the package from Joe and started opening it up. 
“It is possible,” Joe growled as he went back to his seat.
“Where’s Manda?” My voice trailed off as Danielle went into the living room to find out. 
“Oh hey,” I said as she came back into the kitchen.
She smiled and asked what time it was. Now, with everyone awake, we sat at the large dinning room table. In mere minutes Kevin had made over a dozen pancakes and was in the process of making more. 
“I have to go wash up,” Manda said slowly leaving. The mood at the table dampened. This was her last day for a couple months. She was the only one who understood the issues of being normal and having a rockstar as a bf. She was the one I vented to. And most importantly of all, she listened. Something that some of my closest friends didn’t do. 
“You’re going to tell her the truth and apologize, right?” Danielle abruptledy said as she narrowed her eyes at Nick. 
“Soon,” his eyes were passive as he stared down at his plate of pancakes. Still untouched. 
“Soon isn’t soon enough,” Kevin said, lecturing his little brother, “She’s leaving today.”
“I know,” he made no eye contact with anyone, as he said that.
“I know you love her,” I spoke up, “But don’t you think you’re hurting her more by doing this?” 
“Doing what?” he asked, staring directly at me. 
“Not believing her,” I said confidently, “Not telling her the truth.”
“I will,” with that the conversation turned silent. That is until Manda came back into the room.
“Pancake?” Joe asked, breaking the silence.
“Sure Joe,” she laughed questionably and sat next to the only seat remaining, next to Nick. 
This was going to be a long and awkward goodbye breakfast. :/
“And get on AIM when you can!” I hugged Manda for the last time, before she said her goodbyes to everyone else.
“I’m really going to miss her,” I looked at her go into the terminal.
“Ditto,” Joe said taking my hand. We walked out into the small starbucks café. 
“You say ditto?” We sat on a small table, near the back. The aroma of coffee beans filled my nose, but I didn’t order anything. Those 
“It surprises me that it surprises you that I say ditto,” he smiled that smile that made me breathless each and every time. 
“Must you make everything so difficult?” 
“I must,” he checked his blackberry, “Today is a special day.” 
“So are you saying that Amanda doesn’t even know why today is so special?” I was completely dumb-founded.
“Wait, what’s today’s date?” I looked up from the menu.
“The date, Joe.”
“8th,” he laughed, “Of April. Year? 2009.”
Oh… today was our one month. One month? It honestly, didn’t seem that short. 
“Our one month,” I slid back on the chair. I totally forgot what day today was. 
“Exactly,” Joe said, “Oh and I have a surprise for you.”
“Another one?” I grunted. I hated surprises.
“Again with the blindfold ordeal?” I muttered as we stopped at a red light. It was 7 in the afternoon and I was spending it in the passengers seat. All apart of Joe’s ‘Surprise’. “Mandy,” he urged, looking away from the windshield, “Just wear it.”
I looked at the blindfold, “Fine.” I put it over my head and covered my eyes. 
Just great.
“When are we getting there?” I crossed my arms. This ride seemed to take forever.
“Almost here,” the car turned, “Let’s be a happy camper, please.”
I laughed a bit, “Fine, Joseph.”
The car stopped a while later. I held on to my bag as I tried to get out of the car. I stumbled on something lying on the floor. I could feel dirt in my gladiator sandals. What was Joe up too?
“Whoa there, Klutzy.” Joe held my hand, taking a few steps in front. He slowly took out the blindfold.
“Wow,” I managed to say, looking before me. And even that didn’t summarize what I saw. 
“The best part of this town,” he sat on the trunk of his car. Patting on the little space next to him. I smiled and sat there. 
We were on a hill, or mountain, looking out at the L.A landscape. All under the sunset. Everything was peaceful. Down to the palm trees around us, the cream-colored rocks that were scattered all over, the birds and animals going home for the night. I’m sounding really stupid right now. But the view was amazing. The city, all covered with buildings, looked beautiful. Another side to the busy and hectic city. You could even see the lights starting to turn on, as the sun went down. We sat for a couple minutes, speechless, unable to say anything.
“Why do you have to be so amazing?” A rhetorical question, of course. I looked back at him and smiled.
Joe took off his raybans like one of those cheesy 80s dramas, “Well… that’s a fairly long story.”
“Thanks,” I said, everything was quiet after that. The sun had almost gone down by now.
I stretched my dangling feet. 
“Where are you going?” Joe had gone back into the car. Before he could answer, he pulled out a guitar and sat criss-cross apple sauce style beside me. 
“The question should be ‘What’ are you doing,” he strummed a few chords, “And the answer would be singing you a song.” 
“Me? A Song?” I laid my back on the back window.
“Yes, I wrote it a long time ago,” the sun started to fade as he paused, “Knowing that I’d fall in love with a girl named Mandy.”
“Your super powers come in handy.”
“I know, right?” he smiled and started strumming some more chords. 
“Ow,” I put my hand to my ears, jokingly.
“A little out of tone,” he looked up at me. Before saying anything we both leaned into each other.
A perfect kiss, for a perfect ending. 

gey,gey, gey.

and how was your day? 

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