Mango Cupcakes
  • Worlds Away Gold Leaf Centertainmenter Support Bar Cart
    Height: 30 Width: 22 Depth: 22 Diameter: 22.
  • MUD Australia MUD 4PC Setting - Style 2
    Set Includes: 1 Dinner Plate, 1 Salad Plate, 1 Medium Pebble Bowl & 1 Mug (w/ Handle) Mud Australia is a Sydney-based modern design company, specializing in durable dining- and serving-ware. The plates, mugs, bowls, and serving platters come in a variety of colors that blend together in a unique way - so you can mix and match, or simply choose a variety of shades that all complement each other. Founded in 1994 by Shelley Simpson, Mud Australia pieces are designed with an emphasis on linear form and function. Artisans work with only the highest quality materials including Limoges porcelain. Each piece is crafted by hand - this means slight irregularities in size, glaze, and texture may occur. This is to be expected with any handmade product, however, and is part of what makes each product truly unique and special. The porcelain clay is tinted throughout, as opposed to simply coloring the surface with a glaze. This gives a unique depth of color to each individual piece, and an above average consistency for handmade products. The interior is then coated with a clear glaze, while the outside is left natural, and lightly sanded to create a beautiful hand-feel. With time and frequent use, the exterior will become smooth from handling, adding to the individuality of each piece. The pieces are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and even the oven - perfect for everyday use! Available in a wide variety of colors:
  • Stainless-Steel Pineapple Slicer & Dicer
    Peel, core, slice and dice a prickly pineapple into a pile of juicy bites in seconds with the aid of this cleverly designed tool. Simply insert the shaft into the top of a trimmed pineapple, apply light pressure and twist the handle. Lift the flesh from the peel, then slide the dicer down the stack of rings. Peels, cores, slices and dices a pineapple with two simple steps. Pineapple flesh emerges without eyes or bits of peel attached. Maximizes the amount of usable fruit. Rings can be left whole, if desired. Leaves the core and empty shell behind. The diced fruit can be tossed into a salad, layered into parfaits or enjoyed on its own. Heavy-duty stainless-steel cutting shaft; smooth plastic handle and dicing ring. Dishwasher safe.
  • Dinner, Dessert and Coaster Scrimshaw Plate Set -12 pieces design by Thomas Paul
    Scrimshaw was an art practiced by sailors on whaling ships out at sea. It usually consisted of elaborate whaling scenes incised into the teeth of whales. The scrimshaw melamine collection looks to recapture the feeling of this art form - luckily no whales were harmed in its manufacture!
  • MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check Enamel Everyday Bowl
    MacKenzie-Childs takes a quiet approach to its signature check print by casting this timeless bowl in a muted palette of neutrals that will complement any space. Check print. Twelve point gauge steel underbody with hand-applied decals. Bronzed stainless steel trim. Small (5 cups): 7.75" diameter, 3.5"H. Medium (10 cups): 9.5" diameter, 4"H. Large (16 cups): 11" diameter, 4.75"H. Extra-large (24 cups): 13" diameter, 4.75"H. Dishwasher safe. Imported. Pieces will vary due to the hand-made nature of each product. Please note: items sold separately.
  • Wedgwood Cuckoo tea plates set of 4
    Harlequin Collection Cuckoo tea plates set of 4. Cuckoo adds yet more romance to that quintessentially English ritual of tea drinking which is captured with such charm in the Harlequin Collection. Whimsical design, vintage embellishments and gorgeous packaging make this a particularly chic and charming choice as an indulgent gift `for me` or a special friend. It is a gift that speaks of authenticity and quality with a light touch. Bone china. Handwash recommended. Not microwave safe. Not oven safe.
  • Philippe Deshoulieres "Orsay" Bread & Butter Plate
    The Orsay Black/Gold bread and butter plate by Philippe Deshoulieres features a delicate gold pattern set against a black background that subtly references Limoges. Inspired by the famous 19th century Parisian train station on the banks of the Seine, this collection is sure to add old world romance to your table setting.
  • Hammersmith Gold 5 Piece Place Setting
    Hammersmith Gold transforms your tabletop into a sophisticated, elegant platform for entertaining. Simple yet striking bands of gold encircle a clean white center. The contrast is enhanced by the unique hammered design on the lush gold rims. Crafted of porcelain. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 5 piece place setting includes a 10-1/2 inch dinner plate, 7-3/4 inch salad plate, 6-1/4 inch bread & butter plate, 5-3/4 inch saucer and 8 ounce tea cup.
  • Menu Design Menu A/S - Cool Coat Champagne
    Menus innovative bestseller, the wine cooler coat "Cool Coat", is now available in a larger edition which keeps a bottle of champagne cool and ready for serving. Is there anything better than sparkling champagne? Champagne has to be served cool, like 8-10˚C, and when the champagne corks pop and the guests and the host are dressed really nice can the bottle look stylish and precious, too. Menus latest Champagne Cool Coat does both at the same time. Designer Jakob Wagner advanced Menus bestseller, the wine cool coat, and designed a larger edition with more room for a bottle of champagne, sparkling wine, cava or spumante. The nice Champagne Cool Coat is golden and is accompanied by a white cotton bandanna which can also be used as a sommelier napkin. Effektive hampagne cooler The creative cooling principle is the same as the one from the cool coat for wine. Put the removable cooling cushion into the freezer and then in the cooling coat before the bottle gets cooled. Cool Coat cools the bottle really quick and keeps the champagne cool for one hour while the guests talk to each other and enjoy the sparkling bead. You won't find an easier and more elegant way to cool a bottle champagne.
  • notNeutral City Plate - New Orleans
    Part of our second collection of City Plates. The theme of the first collection is Culture and Capital(ism). The theme of this second collection is Culture and Capital(ism) and the cities chosen are New Orleans and Washington, D.C., both rich in history and culture, and the booming megalopolises of Las Vegas and Dubai. With this theme we asked: how does a capital investment in manufacturing culture impact city form? New Orleans - pop. 485,000 (2006); 1.4 million (pre-Katrina) America’s capital of culture – devastated by floods during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The massive scale of the flooding is frightfully apparent; the white area on this particular plate represents the parts of the city that were flooded. The Mississippi River curves across the plate in a swath of blue; Audubon Park – on the river’s bank – and City Park, adjacent to Lake Pontchartrain, are rendered in green. While two other cities immortalized in the series – Las Vegas and Dubai – are experiencing record influxes of capital and growth, New Orleans is still struggling. One of America’s richest cultural bastions, New Orleans is still in need of a tremendous capital infusion. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this plate will go toward the recovery and rebuilding of 1300 acres of City Park that experienced serious damage to grounds, trees, infrastructure and facilities. These porcelain plates measure 12” across, with each city’s downtown core printed on a black background. Key buildings are represented with persimmon icons, while rivers and public spaces are shown in blue and green. Each plate is boxed and includes a key to the buildings and spaces included on the plate. 12" diameter. Dishwasher safe. Boxed with Printed Key. Buy the plate.. we send money to City Park in New Orleans.
  • Brooks Brothers Audubon Dessert Plates
    Set of four porcelain dessert plates, featuring masterful renderings of J.J. Audubon's exquisite paintings. The limited edition set is numbered and identifies the featured bird species (Mallard, Harlequin Duck, Mallard X Gadwell hybrid, Ruddy Duck). 8" diameter. Made in Italy. Hand wash only.
  • Juliska Bead Napkin Ring
    A bangle, a bauble, and beads all wrapped into one, this burst of cheerful and chic Espresso stripes is a wonderful way to pattern mix with your napkins and settings.
  • notNeutral City Plate - Brasilia
    Part of our third collection of City Plates. The theme for this third collection is Capital Migration. The theme for this third collection is Capital Migration. Three of the new cities were at one time the seat of government; one became its nation’s capital in 1960. All remain centers of economic power, cultural leaders, and symbols of their country’s national identity. Brasilia - pop 2.5 million. Brasilia, a very new city whose 41-month construction began in 1956, was inaugurated in April 1960, when the government migrated from Brazil’s two former capitals, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Brasilia is futuristic and ambitious; it was principally designed by Lucia Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in what has been termed the -Pilot Plan’. A huge influx of migrants instantly created a larger city than any planner had ever envisioned, and continues to keep Brasilia on the map as a growing city. A percentage of all Brasilia City Plate sales will be donated to the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), a nonprofit group that helps displaced local tribes protect their forest, culture, and ancient system of healing that uses the forest’s abundant botanical resources; at the same time, the tribes are offered job opportunities, education, and clean water. These porcelain plates measure 12” across, with each city’s downtown core printed on a black background. Key buildings are represented with persimmon icons, while rivers and public spaces are shown in blue and green. Each plate is boxed and includes a key to the buildings and spaces included on the plate. 12" diameter. Dishwasher safe. Boxed with Printed Key.