Her phone was buzzing. Again. All too tempted to chuck it out of the window and into the streets of Venice. Talking though, she realized was better than staring at a blank canvas. Tonight there was going to be a meeting, presenting something, something inspirational. What the hell was wrong with her? She would have KILLED For this at her old school. She flicked to answer on her blackberry
"Hey babe." 
"Hey Oliver what's up?" guilt flushed to her cheeks. She hadn't been the most...attentive girlfriend and she couldn't help but feel bad. 
"Just got back from late night Lacrosse practice, just thought I'd call you and see how everything was going with your art thing." 
Oliver never really understood this. They had been together since she could remember, him asking her out on the playground in sixth grade. She had ran away, but sent her friends over to tell him she said yes. Their families were old friends, and they were pleased to see them attend social events together. She had always been happy to support him with everything he had done but he never quite got this..never got why she wanted to lock herself in her room. Away from her mother. Away from their friends. Never got those afternoons she had slipped out to go to catch the first train after school downtown. She remembered the time she took him with, holding his hand as she soaked in the quiet solitude of the museum. It was a rainy day, and Oliver kept checking his watch. He had always felt like he was breathing in Lake Forest , she had always felt like she was suffocating. 
"I miss you Monette. you know that right?" he said quietly into the phone.
"Of course Oliver, I miss you too..."she glanced at the clock. Of course he would call right before she had to attend the session. Her stomach churned at having to attend the event empty handed. Another reason why she wasn't good enough to be here. She couldn't let that happen. "Oliver, I'm sorry...but I have to go." She chewed on her nails nervously, a habit her mother hated. 
"It's okay babe, I love you." 
"Love you too." She clicked off the phone, her heart felt like it was falling into her stomach. She tried to shake it off as nerves.
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