The Many Faces of You

The Many Faces of You
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The Many Faces of You
I was inspired by orangurple's 50 Themes that I decided to put a little spin on it. Your challenge is to create sets based on 50 different themes. All theme have one thing in common: What would you wear if...? Some might be a little tricky - it's important to think outside the box. Interpret the themes any way you want.
I suggest you use set #_/50 to keep track. It makes it much easier =]
Here are the themes:
1. You went to the circus
2. You were invited to a movie premiere
3. You are going out to run errands
4. You're going to a job interview
5. You have a really hard test at school and you NEED to focus
6. You are doing community service
7. You're going camping
8. You are horseback riding
9. You're sick
10. You want to impress a cute guy
11. You are at an audition or tryout
12. You're doing something you're not allowed to do
13. You are giving a speech or presentation
14. You are at the library
15. You are ice skating
16. You want to act crazy
17. You're getting your picture taken
18. You're at an athletic event
19. You don't want to draw attention to yourself
20. You're walking down the street alone
21. You're at a bakery
22. You need new shoes
23. You're at the doctor
24. You are mowing
25. You're on an 18-hour flight
26. You want to stand out
27. You are asked to dance
28. You win an award
29. You're playing with fire
30. You're babysitting
31. You're at the park
32. You need to talk to someone in a foreign language
33. You're at a convention
34. You get to go backstage and meet the band
35. You are at a hardware store
36. You are driving with the windows down
37. You are on vacation
38. You are raiding your boyfriend's closet
39. You want to give yourself a makeover
40. You are busy busy busy!
41. You are in a bad mood
42. You are at a family event
43. You are in charge
44. You are bored
45. You feel artsy
46. You don't want to get dirty
47. You are outside in the rain
48. You are adopting a pet
49. You are in love
50. You just had the most amazing day of your life

Abbreviate them as needed - I get kinda wordy sometimes =]
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