This set is a bit of a mixed bag: I just wanted to acknowledge the tragedy of the nurse who passed away in England after a thoughtless practical joke was played on her. And I think thoughtless best sums it up- the radio DJs did not intend for anyone to get hurt, they just didn't THINK about the consequences of their actions. And this is a wider problem I see in society, especially with the prolific growth of social media and the ability to interact anonymously in large online communities and not have to be responsible for your actions. 

I feel for everyone involved in this awful incident: the royal family, who have been trying to humanise themselves and behave in a more "normal" manner, and who now will have to rethink placing themselves in situations where the general public can "reach" them. The DJs who were not to know the personal situation of the person who was going to answer the phone, that she possibly had stresses in her life and this was just too much for her to bear. The nurse herself, but more especially the family she has left behind- her husband and children. Suicide is NEVER an option when you have a young family!

So the mixed bag set I have done here- I am sorry for all those involved in this practical joke that went so badly wrong- we need to really think about how we interact with people, especially those we don't know but have access to because of the incredible global links we have these days. But humour is still an important and vital part of human interaction, so let's not become too politically correct and serious either! It's all about finding a happy medium!

I hope you all have a good weekend and cherish your loved ones- playing jokes IS funny but only if you know the person you are playing it on will find it funny too!

Peace and love,
Amanda x
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