~Maps: The Vintage Music Video~

Remember that "Medieval Music Video" I made 8 months ago? (if not, here it is http://www.polyvore.com/wrecking_ball_medieval_music_video/collection?id=3258651)
well, I made a new one! but this time for maroon 5's maps.
STORY TIMEEE!! (cuz, everyone likes stories).
"set sometime in the late 1970's, a girl and boy have been best friends since childhood. when they were 10, they made a map of imaginary places using their hometown. 7 years later, the girl's parents Announce that they're getting divorced. the girl is horrified and runs away. the small town is thrown in to disarray looking for the girl, but the boy has something they don't, the map. using the map, he follows the path they made years ago in hopes of finding his lost best friend."
does he find her? do they fall in love? well she come back home and face the future? what do you think? comment and tell me what you think!
PS. I'm not sure if maroon 5 has a video for this or not, but hey. I don't care. :D

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Wrote two years ago
They do have a video, and it's quite horrid. Your storyline is much better ❤️

Wrote two years ago
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