Marc Jacob - Elle Italia "Il rock'n'roll di Marc"
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  • A Fashionable Life
    Editorial profile of A Fashionable Life: The Hilfigers by Douglas Friedman for Harper's Bazaar USA wearing Tommy Hilfiger, including all credits and more.
  • miss A Suzy’s London Pictorial for Cosmopolitan Revealed
    miss A‘s Suzy‘s charming pictorial in London was revealed. In the dynamic Cosmopolitan pictorial photo shoot, the starlet shows off refreshing, but also a mature, calm, and funky sides to herself. She carried out the photo shoot in a variety of different locations, including old building...
  • Industry News - Arizona Muse in 'Forever Young'...
    Arizona Muse in 'Forever Young'...
  • Elle Vietnam
    Covers with Dauphine McKee 958 2014 of Vietnam based magazine Elle Vietnam from Hachette Filipacchi Media including covers, editorials, company information, history and more.
    • drew-barrymore-harpers-bazaar-magazine-oct-2010-issue-13 - Got Celeb
    • Радикал-Фото: Картинка
    • Cameron Diaz Online
    • Marc Jacob - Elle Italia "Il rock'n'roll di Marc"
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  • Elle Italy
    Covers with Gabriella Wilde 000 2013 of Italy based magazine Elle Italy from Hearst Magazines Italia Spa including covers, editorials, company information, history and more.
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    • Imaan Hammam Julia Bergshoeff by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris September 2014
    • Wall Quote Enjoy Life It's Delicious Kitchen Wall Quote
  • Esquire UK Editorial Look Who's Back, April 2008 Shot #4
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  • Scarlett Johansson by Mert Marcus for W Magazine March 2015
    Scarlett Johansson stars as a cover girl for the March 2015 issue of W Magazine, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with styling by Edward Enninful. other, chanteuse, computer operating system, bombshell alien… no matter the role, Scarlett Johansson is her own woman. “When she came out of me, I was so surprised,” Scarlett Johansson told me on a cold day in December. We were at the photo shoot for this story, and Johansson, who had given birth to her daughter, Rose, just three months earlier, was wearing tight jeans and an equally snug white sweater. Her short, almost platinum hair, which would soon be covered by a Debbie Harry circa-Blondie shag wig, was slicked back. “I had a very strong picture in my mind of what my baby would look like,” Johansson continued. “And, of course, she is completely different. Perfect, but not what I’d imagined. Now, of course, I can’t picture her any other way.” Johansson smiled. As always — and I have been interviewing her regularly since her breakthrough role in 2003’s Lost in Translation — she was at once forthcoming and guarded. Johansson, who just turned 30, has been acting professionally since she was 7 and is entirely comfortable in the spotlight. (“Everyone has seen my breasts!” she said when an assistant offered her a private changing room. “I can change my top right here.”) And then, when it truly matters, she can be remarkably discreet. It was months before the public caught wind of her marriage to the French journalist Romain Dauriac. Johansson has always taken unexpected creative chances: In 2010, at the height of her movie stardom, she defied critics by acting in Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge on Broadway and, to the astonishment of many, winning a Tony for her performance. With the verve of a ’60s chanteuse, Johansson has recorded albums, and they are far from vanity projects. And just when she seemed a bit too art house, she took the role of Black Widow, the female superhero in The Avengers. The much-awaited sequel to that movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron (the trailer garnered 34.3 million hits in its first 24 hours online), is due in theaters on May 1. The past year was, in particular, a big one for Johansson: In addition to becoming a mom, she starred in two of the only interesting female-centric films of 2014. In the global blockbuster Lucy, she plays a woman who ingests a drug that gives her superior mental and physical abilities (telekinesis, ass-kicking), and in Under the Skin, she is a seductive, murderous alien. “I was completely naked in that movie,” Johansson said matter-of-factly. “She was a totally different species, so her nudity was kind of practical. I also had black hair. That was my idea — I didn’t think I should be a blonde sort of bombshell. Naked, but not too sexy.” As a child in New York, Johansson was fascinated with every aspect of show business. “I had a big imagination,” she said. “I particularly loved Judy Garland, and, to me, she did it all. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an actor. And I wanted to do everything. When you’re a kid, they send you on a lot of commercial auditions, and I was terrible at selling things. I never got those parts. I remember crying in the subway, and my mom said, ‘Look — let’s forget it. Do something else.’ And I replied, ‘No. You can’t take this away from me. I want to be an actor!’ Waiting for the B train, I had my come-to-Jesus moment.” So Johansson (and her mother, who became her manager) decided she would audition only for films. In addition to a precocious mix of sexy and cute, even as a girl, Johansson had a trump card: her deep, slightly hoarse, smoky speaking voice. “When I was young, I would talk and everyone thought I had a cold. But when I went out for films, they loved my voice. It was a different world.” In 2013, Spike Jonze capitalized on Johansson’s voice brilliantly in Her — as Joaquin Phoenix’s love interest, a disembodied computer operating system. Jonze told me that Johansson arrived every day to play the part wearing red lipstick and a cocktail dress, even though she woul
  • #GoodOldDays Karolina Kurkova by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Elle UK February 2008
    Let's go back to the February 2008 to know something new about supermodel Karolina Kurkova from the interview for British Elle magazine. Cover story was captured by Matthias Vriens-McGrath and styled by Sasa Thomann. Daughter of a police chief-cum-pro basketball player and a banker, Kurkova grew up in a small town in the Czech Republic. She fell into modelling by accident when an aspiring photographer friend secretly sent photos of her to a Prague model agency. By the age of l6, she was the toast of New York, as the face of Prada. She was rumoured to be the highest-paid model in the world in 2002, she headed up Vanity Fair's Eastern European supermodels cover in 2005, and has appeared in an exhaustive list of fashion campaigns, including Chanel, YSL and Gucci. In a world of divas, Kurkova is renowned as a sober grafier - the consummate professional. But she's no steely-eyed robo-model. As befits a woman nicknamed Karolina Coca-Cola, she's bubbly and voluble in person. In fact, it's hard to get a word in edgeways.
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  • Meghan Collison Wears 1970s, Rock Roll Style for S Moda
    The latest issue of S Moda takes a look at the 1970s trend through a rock and roll lens with this cover story featuring Meghan Collison. The Canadian model poses for David Roemer of Atelier Management in a mix of shaggy fur coats, lace dresses and wide-legged cut pants. Stylist Francesca Rinciari spotlighted the designs of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and more in the retro-themed images....
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  • Eye Berlin Light Show Will Commemorate The End Of Berlin Wall South African Textiles That Bear Witness
    All fashion & news posted on Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News
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  • Gisele Bundchen Blooms Hot House Style For Vogue China March 2015
    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen blooms larger than life in Mario Testino’s color-drenched...
  • It's A Guy Thing Background Text | Fantasticsmag
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