Jamie Diamond
::Born March 3, 2000
::Honolulu, HI
::Mother-Georgia Diamond [deceased] ; Father-Robinson Diamond ::Brother-Bradly Diamond

Part 3 of 12 of the 2018 Character Profile Project.

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4. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1722478
6. http://www.polyvore.com/june/collection?id=2003377
7. http://www.polyvore.com/july/collection?id=1711945
8. http://www.polyvore.com/august/collection?id=2039465
  • carmen solomons | Tumblr
    More info
    "In the midst or darkest times, spring comes with a breath of fresh air in the form of Jamie Diamond." — @ducktape
  • fuck yeah hawaii
    More info
    "Jamie and her family somewhat recently jumped over here to the mainlands from Honolulu." — @ducktape
    Anything and everything related to Hawaii. Submit your Hawaii related posts here. Not associated with any other website or blog named fuckyeahhawaii.
  • ocean | Tumblr
    More info
    "Now her father, her younger brother, and she live together in a house from the 50s bike riding distance from the beach. It's not home, but at least its the same ocean." — @ducktape
  • bedroom | Tumblr
    More info
    "Jamie has a way of making everything feel lived-in, even her new bedroom. She makes people feel warm just by talking to them." — @ducktape
  • a wild lauren has appeared
    More info
    "But she is also among those so-called creative types, a bit eccentric, and definitely a dreamer, and she stands out in inner-city public high school a little too garishly." — @ducktape
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "Recently, to help cope with leaving her old life behind, and the fact that she has yet to form strong ties, she adopted a puppy, named Vincent Van Pug." — @ducktape
  • samantha gradoville | Tumblr
    More info
    "Jamie has always had a certain way with animals, a natural ease with them that they tend to trust. At home, she tamed all sorts of wild ones." — @ducktape
  • Manish Arora psychedelic colours and kitsch motifs
    More info
    "Jamie took after her grandmother on her father's side, a full-blooded Hawaiian and healer who happened to be a successful artist before she died." — @ducktape
  • More info
    "Jamie is self-taught as well, blending the traditions of her father's culture, with the so called-fine art from her mother's European side. She has a thing for Neo-Classicism, Vincent Van Gough and ancient tribal hieroglyphics." — @ducktape
  • Fuck Yeah Jellyfish.
    More info
    "For someone who seems so perpetually happy, so friendly, and colorful, Jamie and her family have suffered through some hard times lately, and deep down, she actually feels kind of alone." — @ducktape
  • Golden State Blues
    More info
    "Early last year, Jamie's mother, suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, walked out on the family. Two months later, she was found to have committed suicide." — @ducktape
    Turquoise Skye approved.
  • Golden State Blues
    More info
    "It was this which prompted Robinson Diamond to take his kids and leave the island, to start up a new business and check out the waves on this side of the Pacific." — @ducktape
    Turquoise Skye approved.
  • Kate Winslet « Mark’s Autograph Collection
    More info
    "When her mother was younger, she was something of a model, the face of a major shampoo brand and the wife of a pro-surfer, and though losing her modeling gig as she got older was hard, she later opened her own smoothie and tea shop." — @ducktape
  • Surfer Boy Manuel Antonio Photo Art Print Costa Rica Waves Beach Ocean Sea Seadog Surfboard Blue Passion - 8 x 8
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "But the tea shop closed, and with Robinson Diamond's pro-surf career long since wiped-out-- Even for an eternal optimist, losing his wife was the worst blow." — @ducktape
    Hi there! :) This listing is an 8 x 8 unmatted, unframed, and borderless print. It is available with OR without the photo caption please indicate your choice in your Message to Seller! Please note that if you do not indicate your choice in your Message to Seller, the default option is to have the photo captions kept on your prints! Other standard and custom sizes are available! Ready-to-hang, gallery wrapped canvas prints are also available! Please check my Shop Policies for a general Price List and/or send me a message at any time to get more information and to arrange your custom listing(s). :) -- Please allow up to three weeks for me to process your order plus shipping time! If you are in a rush,
  • Rupert Grint
    More info
    "Jamie's younger brother by five years, Bradly, took his mother's death the worst, and hasn't spoken much since moving to CA. He does, however, cook incredibly well for a thirteen year old." — @ducktape
  • New York Magazine
    More info
    "Veck Everlast and Jamie Diamond are an unlikely team, but after a chance pairing in a school project, and with Jamie infectious optimism, the two form a weird friendship as they bond over recently discovered super powers." — @ducktape
    A guide to the career of Eliza Cummings including cover shots, party photos, runway images, backstage photos, quotes, and more.
  • Picture of Chanel Iman
    More info
    "Alicia Brookstone is Jamie's other recent friend, meeting each other when Alicia's powers manifest themselves in late Spring." — @ducktape
    Picture of Chanel Iman
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "In winter, Jamie will find she has a soft spot for soft spoken and reclusive Sandra Flores, and it will be her who will pull her out of her shell." — @ducktape
  • Billy.
    More info
    "Jamie, however, is a fighter. She feels in in her veins, from both the stubborn Irish and proud islander sides. And that is what really drives her." — @ducktape
    self//ask//faq//hair faq . Follow @bbbbbbilly
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "There is no real tropical paradise in Los Angeles, but things are heating up like a jungle on the streets, and even an outsider can tell when things aren't quite right." — @ducktape
    Follow the world's creators.
  • The Worlds A Mess, It's In My Kiss
    More info
    "And then, in places where nothing should grow, life springs. And it seems to be growing in her wake." — @ducktape
  • Gaea Gaia- Mother Earth
    More info
    "Jamie suddenly finds herself tapping into her real heritage--into the destiny that has been part of her soul since the dawn of time. She has the nature-tuned powers of an ancient nymph, of Mother Nature herself." — @ducktape
    Gaea or Gaia- Mother Earth Gaea / Gaia- Mother Earth one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation, along with air, sea and sky. She is the great mother of all Life on earth for she is mother earth she is life she gave birth to many of the gods in mythology the Titans, greek and Norse and the Egyptian gods and Later Mankind The Native Americans Also Worship Gaea calling her Nokomis or mother earth She is represented by plants and flowers to idenify her Gaia is the begining of all she is the source of life for she is the earth the ocean and rain are her tears and life blood the soil is her skin the rock is her flesh the plants and animals and even we live on her and in her for she is mother of life its self Gaia protects her children. but grows angry at what we children do to each other and to her wars , hate, racism, Religious Fantatics who hide behind God to harm others and justify thier actions. we the children of Gaia are energy beings trapped in physcal form we live and die and are reborn with Reincarnation to grow spiritually As a new dawn approaches Gaia emerges from our sleeping planet. The radiance of her aura lights up the heavens and her 'presence' gives confidence to the birds and animals to venture forth, secure in the knowledge that she will protect them. A river of life flows out to all corners of the earth, renewing and restoring. What greater 'present' could she give us! sadness of Gaia The Earth Goddess looks on sadly, aware that our human weaknesses will mean many years of education to prevent the ruin of our precious world. The contents of her wings symbolise all the creatures that need protection. As always "Gaia" will be there to listen and to comfort, bringing with her the rainbow of hope. The clouds are gathering around our world but she knows she must be strong and work to rectify mans errors, in the belief that he will one day understand that our precious earth deserves our protection. Let us hope that one day soon "Gaia" will look upon the earth and be satisfied that her lessons have been learnt! When one defines oneself as Pagan, it means she or he follows an earth or nature religion, one that sees the divine manifest in all creation. The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple, its plants and creatures our partners and teachers. We worship a deity that is both male and female, a mother Goddess and father God, who together created all that is, was, or will be. We respect life, cherish the free will of sentient beings, and accept the sacredness of all creation In order the understand the nature of the All-Mother, we must first understand our own origins. Each of began our individual life as a single, fertilized cell or zygote. In the process of its innumerable divisions and multiplications, that cell kept dividing up and redistributing the very same protoplasm. That protoplasm which now courses through all of the several trillion cells of your adult body is the very same substance which once coursed through the body of that original zygote. For when a cell reproduces, the mother cell does not remain intact, but actually becomes the two new daughter cells. And this is why, no matter how many times a cell fissions in the process of embryological development, all the daughter cells collectively continue to comprise but one single organism. We may imagine that, should our cells have consciousness akin to our own, they may very well fancy themselves to be independent entities living and dying in a world that to them would seem to be merely an inanimate environment. But we know them to be in fact minute components of the far vaster living beings that we ourselves are. Over four billion years ago, life on Earth began, as do we all, with a single living cell containing a replicating molecule of DNA. From that point on that original cell, the first to develop the awesome capacity for reproduction, divided and re-divided and subdivided its protoplasm into the myriad of plants and animals, including ourselves, which now inhabit this third planet from the Sun. But
  • †he crying room
    More info
    "In March, with Aphrodite Smith long MIA, it's only Veck, the anti-cupid, and herself to fight the monsters which are lurking in the dark. And what can one garden-grower and an empath with a cruel streak do to stop it?" — @ducktape
  • & Every Color Illuminates.
    More info
    "Jamie, certainly, isn't stressing out about it. She feels that if this is what destiny holds, then surely the good guys will finally win." — @ducktape
  • Free People Vintage Studded The Rockets Tee
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Vintage studded The Rockets baseball tee. From one of The Rockets' performances at Pine Knob. Front features colorful car graphic. Back features performance dates. Metal and rhinestone stud embellishment. Each authentically vintage tee was hand-picked for you by our vintage buyer. Most are out of print and very rare. Some of the tees need a little love, as they carry over the gentle wear and tear of generations gone by. Each vintage piece has a story to tell with room for more to be told.
  • Green Striped Full Short
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Preorder designer collections straight from the runway and shop our expertly curated selection of in-season items, only at Moda Operandi.
    More info
    ファッション誌『VOGUE JAPAN』の公式サイト。『VOGUE JAPAN』で掲載されたファッションアイテムの検索ページ。ファッションアイテム名からはもちろん、ファッションブランドやプライス、さらにトレンドテーマ別に検索できる、便利な機能付き。
  • Denim Diva Tie Top
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Light blue denim collared shirt featuring 3/4 length sleeves with turn-up secured by button tab, lower front tie, twin breast button pockets, and raised stitching to pockets, shoulder panels and across back.
  • DANNIJO Malawi Necklaces
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Like a weekend escape to the sea, fresh catch and all, but on your neck. Turquoise and enamel beaded necklace. Silver bullets may vary. Measures approximately 17" long with 2" chain extension. Handmade in New York
  • Mary Katrantzou Printed silk-faille biker jacket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Mary katrantzou multicolored jacket. Printed silk-faille. Shawl collar, notched lapels, three zip-fastening jet pockets, belt loops, buckle-fastening belt at hem, fully lined. Snap and zip fastening at front. 100% Silk; lining: 96% acetate, 4% lycra. Specialist clean. Uk sizing. Fits true to size. Take your normal size. Cut for a boxy fit. Mannequin height is 180cm/ 5'11" and is wearing a uk 8.
  • Cobra Society Najet leather-trimmed tapestry loafers
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Heel measures approximately 25mm/ 1 inch. Multicolored ikat-inspired tapestry. Light-brown leather trims, brass toe cap, round toe. Slip on. Designer color: Tan Nubuck. The woolen part of these boots is hand-woven and therefore the pattern may vary from that shown.
  • Vanessa Mooney MEDICINE BAG in Turquoise Lambskin
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Vanessa Mooney MEDICINE BAG crossbody features handpainted, handbrushed in Turquoise Italian Lambskin with Brass Woven African Bead & Brass, Copper & Silver Plated Bicone Bead detail on fringe. Dimensions 12"h x 7.5"w Exterior Italian Lambskin Hardware Brass, Copper & Silver Plated Interior Cream colored linen lining Buyer Comments This bag is handstitched, handbraided & handmade in the USA. Adorable and Stylish Medicine Bag by the talented, Vanessa Mooney. Earthy and Modern at the same time! Thank you, Vanessa Mooney for another chic piece. Strap Length Crossbody strap 52" - 54"
  • Ksubi Boyfriend Cut Off
    More info
    Shop Ksubi Spring/Summer at Moda Operandi
  • Loewe: Turquoise Linda Sunglasses
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This item does not ship to Europe or Asia The sunglasses feature slightly translucent frames and the Loewe logo at each arm. Acetate, metal. Made in Italy.
  • Thakoon Addition Graphic Printed Button-Down Shirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    100% Cotton. Dry clean. Designer color name: Green.
  • Giant Dwarf Diamond Mini Starlette Crown
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A beautiful sparkling headband made with 3 stars and sewn to an elastic black band. The trio of stars measures approximately 15 cm long and each star is about 5 cm wide. Made with glass glitter and not suitable for children.
  • Striped Lantern Skirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Striped multicolour lantern mini skirt 100% Cotton. Machine washable.
  • Louis Vuitton
    More info
    It's spring shopping time and we're craving a quick stop at the candy store. With sugar-coated shoes dipped in soft pastel colors and complemented with silver and gold detailing, these delicious pumps are pulling on our sweet tooth!
  • Sass & Bide Out Of Focus printed silk kimono jacket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Long sleeved kimono style silk jacket by Sass & Bide featuring all over bird print, an open front and asymmetric hem. Loose-fitting style. Mannequin is 182cm / 6’00” and wears a UK 10 / IT 42. This style runs true to size. 100% silk. Handwash, cool iron. Length shoulder to hem: 24.1in/61cm.
  • Marni Winter Edition 2012 Eyewear Collection
    More info
    Marni Winter Edition 2012 Eyewear Collection, Marni, Winter, limited Edition, 2012, Eyewear, italy, sunglasses, winter, sun, summer, fall, seasons, fashion, lifestyle, eyes, design, range, contrast, opaque , shiny, flower motif , Opaline ,watery colors ,bright green, pink, yellow ,red , sand ,brown, while temples, contrasting solid colors
  • Red or Dead Bess Dip Hem Skirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This stunning women's skirt is exclusive to BANK from Red or Dead and comes in turquoise colour way with draped pleating from the waistband, a layered waterfall dipped hemline, plus a tan plaited waist belt completes. Front Length measures approx: 40cm, rear length measures approx: 82cm. 100% Polyester.
  • FOREVER 21 Horn Fringe Necklace
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Final Sale A short chain necklace featuring a rhinestoned bib with woven ribbon décor. Fringe horns. High polish finish. Lobster claw clasp. Medium in weight. DETAILS: - 16.5" approx. length of necklace; 2.5" approx. bib drop length - Imported
    More info
    ファッション誌『VOGUE JAPAN』の公式サイト。『VOGUE JAPAN』で掲載されたファッションアイテムの検索ページ。ファッションアイテム名からはもちろん、ファッションブランドやプライス、さらにトレンドテーマ別に検索できる、便利な機能付き。
  • McQ Alexander McQueen Printed scuba-style top
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Blue and green stretch-polymide. Stitched seams. Exposed blue zip fastening at back with silver zip pull. 80% polyamide, 20% Lycra. Hand wash.
  • 1970s Symbr Shorts: Early 70s -Symbr- Womens bright orange cotton blend super short shorts with cotton brief lining and back zip/hook tab closure.
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Early 70s -Symbr- Womens bright orange cotton blend super short shorts with cotton brief lining and back zip/hook tab closure.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Riviera starfish-print canvas wedge sandals
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Wedge heel measures approximately 140mm/ 5.5 inches with a 40mm/ 1.5 inch platform. Navy canvas. Off-white starfish print, curved off-white rubber sole, peep toe. Buckle-fastening ankle strap. Fits true to size. Take your normal size. Italian sizing.
  • Asos Punchout Backpack
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Perforated backpack by ASOS Collection . Featuring a leather look main with a perforated finish, drawstring fastening to the top, fold over flap with twin buckles, grab handle to the top, twin zipped pockets to the sides, zipped pocket to the front, and adjustable shoulder straps, with gold-tone hardware throughout. ABOUT ASOS COLLECTION Directional, exciting and diverse the ASOS Collection makes and breaks the fashion rules. Scouring the globe for inspiration, our London based Design Team is inspired by fashion's most covetable trends; providing you with a cutting edge wardrobe season upon season. ABOUT ME Body: 100% Polyurethane Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Rachel Rachel Roy Ring, Stingray Ring
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Spruce up your style with this creature from the deep. Rachel Rachel Roy's stringray ring features an ocean-blue design with enamel and glass accents. Crafted in silver tone mixed metal. Ring adjusts to fit finger. Photo may have been enlarged and/or enhanced. This item cannot be shipped to American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Palau or the Pacific Islands Custom ring sizing is not available for this item.
  • Jil Sander Navy Sleeveless Print Shirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    White-multi print sleeveless cotton shirt with a black pointed collar. Hidden buttons down the front. Stitched hemline. 100% Cotton. Dry clean. Designer color name: Multi. True to size. Falls to the hip. Height of model is 178cm-5'10'' and wears a size DT 34.
  • Hedgehog Coin Purse
    SOLD OUT: More info
    We're hog wild for this charming little coin purse, sure to spark a smile every time you pull it from your handbag. It's perfectly designed to keep all your pretty pennies in one place, but we're also using it to stow lipstick, mints and an extra pair of earrings, too. 14-Karat light gold plated hardware. Items come pre-boxed. Imported.
  • ファッション
    More info
    ファッション誌『VOGUE JAPAN』の公式サイト。『VOGUE JAPAN』で掲載されたファッションアイテムの検索ページ。ファッションアイテム名からはもちろん、ファッションブランドやプライス、さらにトレンドテーマ別に検索できる、便利な機能付き。
    More info
    ファッション誌『VOGUE JAPAN』の公式サイト。『VOGUE JAPAN』で掲載されたファッションアイテムの検索ページ。ファッションアイテム名からはもちろん、ファッションブランドやプライス、さらにトレンドテーマ別に検索できる、便利な機能付き。
  • Tumblr
    More info
  • Juicy Couture "Palm Beach Poolside" Parrot Multi Ring, Size 7
    SOLD OUT: More info
    measurements: 1.8" wide. 1.8" long. item details: Parrot ring-multi. Made in China. See all items in the Juicy Couture Palm Beach Poolside collection country of origin: China.
  • PHILIPPA HOLLAND Ivy Leaf Hair Clip
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Ivy Leaf Hairclip by Philippa Holland has is designed to show 3 gold Ivy leaves on top of each other and clip at the back with Philippa Holland logo. Gold Hairclip simply slips on has 5-spike comb to hold in place.
  • Temperley London Eliah embroidered tulle dress
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Temperley London sand 'Eliah' dress. Sheer tulle. Multicolored embroidery, button-fastening cuffs, open back, slightly flared hem, partially lined. Button and concealed zip fastenings at back. 100% polyester; lining: 95% silk, 5% elastane. Dry clean. UK sizing. Fits true to size. Take your normal size. Fitted style. Mannequin height is 180cm/ 5'11" and is wearing a UK 8.
  • River Island Tropical Garland Anklet
    SOLD OUT: More info
    This ankle bracelet has been made by River Island. The details include: a woven garland band with floral corsage detailing and a linked chain with a lobster clasp fastening. 90% Polyester, 10% Base Metal.

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