"Umm... I'll have a Peppermint mocha frappuccino and a chocolate croissant to go, please"
I say to the red-headed waitress in Starbucks. I check my left wrist for the watch. 10 past
1, good I've still got time. I'll eat in about 10 minutes, then I'll head out to the Marc
Jacobs store to pick out the dresses for the Cosmopolitan photoshoot. Then I'll go buy a
few pillows for the shoot, make sure they match the red couch in the studio. Let's see...
What else... I adjust my sunglasses and think what else is there I need to get.
"Here you go miss!" I hear someone say and I raise my head and see the waitress smiling
at me. "Thank you!" I say and take the drink and the little paper bag and start walking
towards the door. Oh cr*p I think as I open the door and see a few paparazzis suddenly
jumping out of the bushes. Do they seriously sit around in the bushes waiting for
someone interesting to walk by? How pathetic.
"Laura!" They scream, "how are you? You look very pretty!" they keep screaming to get
my attention. "Good thanks" I reply and keep walking to my car. It's a sunny day so they
aren't using the flashes on their cameras which makes me happy since the flashes are
absolutely horrible. I take a sip of my frappuccino and as I see my car I smile to
myself. I walk to the door, hit the unlock button on my keys and get in and quickly
close the door and lock it. I put the frappuccino on in the mug holder of my car and the
paper bag on the seat next to me. I start the car and back off so that I get off my parking
spot leaving the paparazzis behind me. From my rear window I see them rushing to the other
side of the street, to tease another celebrity. I keep on driving until I see a nice little
parking lot with only a few cars. I park and eat my lunch in peace in my car with no one
around me taking pictures and screaming my name.
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talented roleplayers of polyvore

talented roleplayers of polyvore

have you ever noticed that roleplayers on polyvore don't get as many favorites as people who aren't in roleplays? sometimes roleplayers are soo much more talented than the people not in roleplays, but we don't get credit since we're "just making up stories from books". no, we're not! we're expressing ourselves through our sets. (mkay, that was corny!) join this group and join the movement of undermined roleplayers!

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