Vancouver, all the convenience of a city and all the rain of Forks. My Louis Vuitton suitcase glided across the marble floor of the YVR as I rushed out the exit to Robert. As soon as the automatic glass doors slid out of my face, I noticed something very wrong, the ground was covered with a thin layer of snow.
From a distance, I can see Rob leaning against his rented Mercedes waving to me, ignoring the paparazzi hidden in the bushes. The cold winter air hit my face as I fast walked to his car, trying to balance on my heels. 
“How are you doing?” Robert smiled and handed me a warm cup of Starbuck’s. I took a sip and the warm liquid heated my frozen body. 
“My plane was delayed half an hour,” I pouted as I took another sip. Robert was taking me in the direction of a bunch of tall buildings, Downtown. Other than Downtown, there were nothing but little houses and random food stores. 

The valet parker took Robert’s car and drove it away to be parked as the bell hop took my luggage to the my booked room. I checked in at the front desk and followed Rob up the elevator. I was so happy to reunite with the Twilight cast again. 
“Hey Tiffany,” Taylor Lautner and his super white teeth greeted me just as I enter the floor that the Twilight cast reserved so they won’t have creepy stalker fans. Taylor is so hot, funny, and smart. He’ll probably get my mind of that stupid relationship I had with Hudson.
“Hey Taylor. How’s life?” I grinned back at him. He gave me a thumbs up and followed me to my room.
“That’s my room across the hall. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask,” Taylor said as he pointed to room 2310. 
“Thanks,” I smiled. I looked around, realising that Rob somehow disappeared. “What happened to Rob? He was just standing beside me awhile ago.”
“What if the fans got him?” Taylor shot me a look of alarm. I gasped and we ran out to save Rob. 

“I was just flirting with the maid,” Robert said in his British accent as he shake his head in mock irritation. “She was cute and she wanted my autograph.”
“You are a loser, you know that?” I smacked him playfully with the baguette from the food cart. He shrugged and stuffed a muffin in his mouth. 
“I totally agree,” Kristen smiled and shove a cream pie into Rob’s face. 
“Well, at least I’m a loser with a cute maid’s phone number and a tasty pie face,” Rob grinned and attempted to wipe the cream onto Kristen. I rolled my eyes and chuckled, shoving a cupcake into my mouth. My life is pretty wonderful, I get to skip one and a half months of school to hang out with my friends and to be in the movie of my favourite book. Yep, life’s good.
[RL] Life sucks! I got a test tomorrow and I have to leave Vacouver on Thursday. I will miss some serious stalking action from my friends while I'm away next week. Thankfully, they don't even start filming until the 23rd and I will be back by then, so hopefully our paths will cross then.
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