March Review - Probably the last...

This might be the last month I make a collection like this. It has helped so much in defining what I like to wear with what, and helped me avoid outfits that I wind up feeling uncomfortable or silly in. A good project!
  • OO Last Friday
    "Love this outfit. Rolled up the jeans so they were kind of capris, light sweater, all of that helped in the oddly sunny afternoon.
    EDIT: This sweater destroyed itself after one wearing and two handwashing with Woolite (as directed). Pilling all down the sides and a hole in one armpit. Suffice to say, I will not buy from Zara again." — @bosanbo
  • Weekend
    "Weekend wear, very comfy. It was a weird, gray, muggy weekend, so it was rather hard to dress. I wound up being too warm, then too cold... One of those layering weekends." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD
    "Simple and classy. I love this outfit, I wear it often. This is also right when I started using Chagrin Valley soaps for my face and hair, and my hair looked phenomenal today - just so I can remember what a great change it was!" — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Copy Cat
    "An outfit I've learned to love thanks to my Jan/Feb reviews... the coral is the perfect peek at the collar. Shoes, jewelry, and hair add variety. I'm considering figuring out a second "collar color" to go with my neutral sweaters.
    Wore this twice!" — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Darn Those Boots
    "Very good, much easier to wear this sweater with mid-rise jeans." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 03/07
    "Cute and warm. Great skirt, but it is tight enough that I think it may be an only-with-tights skirt." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Funky Friday
    "Friday, comfortable, cute... This is getting easy, having done this for two months already." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Tan and Denim
    "Another good one. March will be the last month I make a collection like this, because I feel like I'm repeating myself now: outfits are working." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Wrapped
    "Way cute. I love the gray/yellow/bronze/print shoes combo, it was perfect!" — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Don't Steal My Sunshine
    "Cute and fun, but I forgot the anti-static measures for this skirt! Fortunately our admin assistant has *everything* you may need in her desk.
    EDIT: Stiff, tight waist belts apparently give me indigestions." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Go Go Go!
    "I made a collection of "oldie but goodie" outfits from last year, and was instantly inspired to revisit this with a different cardigan." — @bosanbo
  • Date Night: Thanks Hon...
    "Date night. Way cute with cuffed jeans and a long scarf, but too cold when the wind came up!
    This is honestly the type of outfit where I feel most like myself: black tank, jeans, cute shoes." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Acronyms
    "I can only do button-downs with the sleeves rolled up. Otherwise I feel too stuffy. This is a good spring outfit, with jeans rolled too." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD 03/18/13
    "I was worried this shirt would be too short for me, but I ordered it a size larger for a slouchy effect and it works just beautifully. This sweater is officially not an office sweater, though - I feel a bit too shaggy when I wear it to work." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Reprieve!
    "Love my replacement boots! Much better than the slouchy old ones. I started out with two necklaces layered, but one seemed to look more graceful. Working hard on the CurlyGirl hair method and having a good hair day." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Mister Sun
    "Love this! Summer seems to bring out the graphic tees for me." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Stripes a Go-Go
    "I stalked this dress for ages. I'm so glad I bought it. It's the nicest weight and length." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Haircut
    "Feeling wide-leggy. These pants need to be hemmed, even with heels... Comfy outfit. Around mid-day, however, it began to feel "dumpy." I need to work on items like this, to avoid this feeling! A tighter or more feminine top would have helped, I think. This outfit is nice, but it is kind of all over the place in terms of style.

    EDIT: I figured it out. The print on this sweater makes it a "big" item, and paired with the wide pants it breaks my sense of balance for the whole outfit. It looks big all over." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Easygoing
    "Trying to wear my unworn items now that it's a bit warmer. Light Banana Republic sweater." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Snow White and Rose Red
    "I didn't want to cut the ties off this coat, for the rare occasion I use them, so I finally just tucked them into the pockets. I'm still getting used to the "shrunken blazer" feeling, but this coat is such a gorgeous color. Nice looking and comfortable all around." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Antisocial Tendencies
    "Love it. The size and shape of the Gap sweater is really nice for me." — @bosanbo
  • Last Night: Sailor Meets Octopus
    "The first item of clothing I've ever liked so much that I wore it right out of the package, without washing it first. Very comfortable. It looked great with a fitted denim jacket, too, but that seemed a little fussy for dinner with a bunch of dudes." — @bosanbo
  • OOTD Imaginary Coffee
    "Ending the month with a series of winning outfits - this project is a total success!" — @bosanbo
  • First Quarter
    "What I bought during the first quarter of the year. Doing these collections helped me shop smarter, too, because I was able to spot things that have made me dislike outfits in the past." — @bosanbo

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