Margaery Tyrell

So this is more for Margaery from A Song of Ice and Fire than for HBO's Game of Thrones because a)Margaery is supposed to be 16 not 30 and b) I loathe, abhor, despise and hate the wardrobe they picked out for Margaery in season 2. Natalie Dormer must have kicked the wardrobe designer's puppy or something because I have no explanation for how else they would have decided that The White Witch was a suitable wardrobe influence for sweet, courteous Margaery who is NOT Cersei Jr, kthnx HBO.
So, here is a lot of flower and garden-influenced themes and yes some bared cleavage but I don't entirely see Margaery wandering around the Red Keep in her underwear no matter what HBO decides to have her wear.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@fieruta omg it was atrocious! I hope she gets a makeover for s3 because I don't think anyone needs to see that White Witch Surcote ever again. :/ I don't know how Littlefinger took her seriously while she wore that thing.

Wrote 4 years ago
I definitely agree lol The dress she wore when she was talking to Littlefinger was a complete nightmare D:


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