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Margaret "Maggie May" Mayford - Maggie is Celeste's angel mentor and editor of a lifestyle magazine that hired Celeste. As a mentor Maggie teaches Celeste the basic of being an angel from flying to being one with herself. 

Before she was a mentor she raised and trained in the heaven skies of Los Angeles and quickly bonded with a fellow angel by the name of Asher Ashling and one of her mentor Lloyd Llywelyn. 

Few years later Maggie was later sent to London leaving behind Asher and Lloyd. She was told that she would be mentoring the Angel Warrior of London. 
But she wasn’t told that this Angel Warrior of London was half-human, but when you’re given a job like that you don’t ask questions. She took the human last name Mayford and started her own lifestyle magazine and waited for the future Angel Warrior of London.
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